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M4 Mac Launch Sequence Set to Begin Later This Year

Apple plans to equip its entire Mac lineup with a new generation of AI-powered M4 processors, making them available in every model by the end of 2024, says Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. Production of the M4 chip is already on the horizon and will likely boost each Mac model’s AI capabilities, eventually resulting in AI-powered computers from Apple by year-end. M4-focused MacBooks are being assembled rapidly, with the development occurring only five months after M3-focused computers hit shelves in October.

M4 Mac

More About M4 Mac

The development appears to be a reaction from Apple to the ongoing AI arms race, catching up with Microsoft and Google by taking a significant step toward incorporating AI capabilities into its product ecosystem. Gurman, citing sources familiar with Apple’s plans, provided insights into the upcoming M4 Macs, suggesting a detailed roadmap for their rollout. The launch is anticipated to commence later this year, with a phased release schedule extending into 2025.

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The new MacBook lineup is anticipated to emphasize on-device artificial intelligence development to help provide users with a superior experience with Mac performance. Apple is expected to deliver three high-power varieties of the M4 feature to address this artificial intelligence challenge. The basic M4 line will incorporate a higher M4 Pro and Max version and a more powerful M4 Ultra, which would substitute the high M3 Pro and Max version.

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Significantly, this continued upgrade to the M4 feature creation in the high-end desktop product category will result in the disintegration of the M3 Ultra processor. Assuming it comes to fruition, the excerpt could reveal the first time Apple transitioned all its Macs to a new chip generation after launching the modern chips, entirely updating all their models. However, in recent transitions, some models have skipped the upgrades.

image 15 158 jpg M4 Mac Launch Sequence Set to Begin Later This Year

The M4 chips will integrate with the next macOS iteration, anticipated to be launched at the annual WWDC sometime in the month. Additionally, Apple might support more memory options for their high-end desktops, with capacity reaching 512GB from 192GB for the first time. Gurman’s roadmap reflects the expectations for M4 Macs, including several different MacBook models launched from the end of 2024 to the middle of 2025. Given that these have not been confirmed by Apple, they remain speculative.


  1. What’s unique about the M4 chips compared to previous Mac generations?

    The M4 chips are set to introduce AI capabilities across Apple’s Mac lineup, potentially enhancing user experience and performance.

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  2. When will the M4 Macs be available for purchase?

    The rollout of M4 Macs is expected to start later this year and continue into 2025. However, consumers should await official confirmation from Apple for specific release dates.


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