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M2 Mac Mini is as fast as Apple’s $6000 Mac Pro

GregsGadgets shared two Geekbench 5 results on Twitter, showing the single-core and multi-core numbers for the M2 Mac mini and the Intel-based Mac Pro. To his and our surprise, the Mac mini not only outperforms the workstation in the single-core test, but it also easily outperforms it in the multi-core test.

These findings imply that customers or creative professionals seeking improved single-core and multi-core performance will no longer need to purchase an expensive Mac Pro. However, just because the M2 Mac mini outperforms the Mac Pro in Geekbench 5 does not guarantee that it will win in every benchmark or task is thrown it’s way; unfortunately, GregsGadgets has not posted any other results.

Mac Mini
credir: wccftech

The only disadvantage of owning an M2 Mac mini is that you will have to stick with whatever configuration you buy now because the RAM, storage, and SoC are soldered to the logic board, which is the exact opposite of the Mac Pro.

Mac Mini
credit: wccftech

Even with more RAM and storage, an upgraded Mac mini will still be less expensive than Apple’s current workstation, which is why Apple is aiming to replace it soon with a version that will allegedly tout the M2 Ultra, directly succeeding the M1 Ultra found in the Mac Studio.

This massive difference in pricing and performance could also explain why Apple charges customers a pittance to trade in their Mac Pro. We also recently learned that Apple’s trade-in value for a $52,000 Mac Pro is a shockingly low $970, which is less than the price of a 128GB iPhone 14 Pro. As a result, a Mac Mini appears to be a better option.

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