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List of best lottery sites in India for real money games

Lotteries online have long gained popularity among gamblers in India who want to try their luck and win large sums of money. Online lotteries are convenient and profitable, because you do not need to leave your home or workplace to participate, and the sites offer a comfortable environment for players and various additional features. Today we will talk in detail about the best lottery sites in India.

Top 7 online lottery platforms for Indian players

Experts have worked hard and collected information to rank the best online gambling institutions. Here are the top seven websites from https://todaylottery.in/ rating with a key advantage for each of them:

  • LottoGo – the best option for newcomers to the lottery world.
  • Betwinner – a large gambling site where betting and a casino section are available in addition to bingo.
  • The lotter – enjoys the greatest popularity.
  • Lottosmile – the site has more than 50 international lotteries.
  • Lottoland – India’s most visited lottery site.
  • Lotto247 – A must for anyone who enjoys a simple, traditional lottery.

This list is not compiled in ascending or descending order of ratings, it simply introduces you to the best options for playing online. However, further we want to consider in detail the TOP 3 online lotteries for Indian players.

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image 28 List of best lottery sites in India for real money games

Many users know Betwinner very well because of its prominence in the world of sports betting. The site also has an extensive casino section. However, available and something that for some reason is remembered much less often. It’s about online lottery.

Let’s highlight the top reasons to choose this site:

  • You can deposit funds quickly and without difficulty thanks to the availability of financial tools such as online banking and UPI.
  • You can participate in the lottery through a convenient app.
  • Tickets are some of the most affordable.
  • Excellent domestic lottery options.
  • You can also play casino games or make sports predictions.


Want a truly wide selection of lotteries from around the world? Visit Lottosmile for 50 different online lotteries, from the popular to the obscure.

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In addition to the assortment, the site offers cool features to increase your chances of winning – Bundles and Syndicates. There are other perks, too:

  • A user-friendly app is available.
  • The helpdesk is very responsive.
  • You can play in rupees.
  • VISA/MasterCard payments are convenient.


Best online lottery is not necessarily something ultra-modern, with a lot of extra features. For many people in India, the traditional lottery is still the best way to play: buy a ticket and wait for the drawing and the results.

Consider the specific advantages of the site:

  • Wide choice of payment methods: Paytm, UPI, Google Pay, Netbanking.
  • Best reliability scores.
  • Simple and clear user interface.
  • 15 most popular world lotteries.
  • Availability of a convenient mobile version of the site.

The difference between online lottery and lottery betting

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When we talk about online lotteries, we should divide them into two separate groups:

  • Online lotteries.
  • Lottery betting sites.

Below we describe in detail what characterizes the websites of each of these groups.

Online lotteries

Online lotteries in India operate on the principle of lottery ticket distribution services. In other words, representatives of these official sites purchase physical tickets for a variety of draws on behalf of Internet users, and then send scanned copies of these tickets to customers.

Often the sites charge a small commission for this service. However, if you win the jackpot, you get the entire jackpot. 

Internet lotteries make the life of players much more comfortable, because there is no need to go anywhere or go to buy a ticket, and you can take part in the drawing, which is held in any part of the world.

Among these include:

  • Lottosmile.
  • Lotto247.
  • The Lotter.

Lottery betting sites

Lottery betting sites such as these offer a quality alternative to the standard ticket game. Instead of buying a ticket, all you have to do here is bet on a particular lottery number. If the numbers that fall out match your bet, you will receive a prize that is fully equivalent to the amount you would have received if you had purchased the winning ticket.

The obvious advantage of lottery betting platforms is that they do not require you to pay a commission for their ticket purchase services. In addition, they often offer additional features and bonuses that can multiply the potential winnings many times over.

Among the betting lotteries in India it is worth noting:

  • Betwinner.
  • LottoGo.
  • Lottoland.
  • MultiLotto.

Are online lotteries legal in India?

Despite various restrictions for gambling activities, it is completely legal to visit and play on online lottery sites as they are not located in the country. Let us note, however, that in India itself many states have already legalized this type of entertainment. There are even offline institutions sponsored by the state. So you can safely choose the best online lotteries in India and start playing!

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