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Lenovo Tech World 2023: Motorola Bendable Smartphone Concept Unveiled

Lenovo’s recent Tech World 2023 expo featured an intriguing comeback by Motorola, as they revisited the concept of a flexible smartphone that can be wrapped around your wrist like a bracelet, molded into various shapes on a tabletop, or even stood upright on its own base. While this isn’t the first time Lenovo, the parent company of Motorola, has dabbled with the idea of a bendable smartphone, it’s evident that the vision of a wearable phone has not been abandoned, as demonstrated by this year’s expo.

Motorola Bendable

The Upcoming Motorola Bendable Smartphone Unveiled at Lenovo Tech World

Notably, Lenovo flirted with a similar idea back in 2016, with Meghan McCarthy showcasing a similar concept at the Tech World Keynote. Unfortunately, that endeavor did not materialize into a commercial product. However, the dream of a smartphone you can wear as a bracelet has endured, and the recent reveal at Tech World 2023 signals ongoing development in this direction.

Although detailed specifications are still scarce, the latest iteration of the Motorola Bendable presents a flexible 6.9-inch pOLED display with a sharp FHD+ resolution. Unlike traditional smartphones with a rigid structure, Motorola’s approach involves an array of hinges, allowing the device to transition from its typical flat configuration into various usable modes.

image 736 Lenovo Tech World 2023: Motorola Bendable Smartphone Concept Unveiled

While it is reported to offer a full Android experience, when the device is set up in a self-standing mode, it offers a more compact view on a 4.6-inch display. It can also be flexed into a tent-like configuration or worn like the Ritmo Mundo Reflex watch on a user’s wrist. In this wrist-worn mode, users are promised “a similar experience to the external display on the Motorola Razr 40 Ultra,” ensuring connectivity on the go.

Will this second attempt mark a turning point for the concept of wearable smartphones? Motorola appears to be in the exploratory phase, constantly seeking new possibilities. Lexi Valasek from Motorola’s Innovation Research team showcased a working prototype in a timestamped video, providing a glimpse of what’s in the works. She also offered a sneak peek at an intriguing AI-powered display wallpaper development catering to the fashion-conscious crowd.

image 737 Lenovo Tech World 2023: Motorola Bendable Smartphone Concept Unveiled

As technology continues to push boundaries, it’s clear that the vision of a flexible, wearable smartphone is still very much alive, and Motorola, with the backing of Lenovo, is actively engaged in bringing this concept to life.


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