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Leaked Details of 2024 iPad Pro and iPad Air Models Revealed

Apple is gearing up to release versions of the iPad Pro and iPad Air this year following a decision not to update its tablet range in 2023.

Reports suggest that the upcoming iPad Air will run on Apple’s M2 chip while the higher-tier iPad Pro might feature the M3 chip seen in the MacBook Pro models. A recent report has unveiled the dimensions of the iPad Air and iPad Pro models.

2024 iPad Pro

The Upcoming 2024 iPad Pro and iPad Air

Earlier reports hinted at two display sizes, for the iPad Air and iPad Pro models. The expectation is that the iPad Air will introduce a 12.9-inch model alongside its 10.9-inch option. According to details from 9to5Mac, it’s likely that the 12.9-inch iPad Air will share dimensions with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Sources familiar with these developments suggest that the larger version of the iPad Air will measure 280.6mm x 214.9mm x 6.0mm matching up in size with today’s 12.9 inch iPad Pro but slightly slimmer.

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On a note, there are anticipated size increases for the range of iPad Pro models along with a reduction in thickness as they transition to using OLED displays instead of LCD screens, with fewer layers.

image 100 57 jpg Leaked Details of 2024 iPad Pro and iPad Air Models Revealed

According to sources, it’s said that the upcoming 11-inch iPad Pro will have dimensions of 249.7mm x 177.5mm x 5.1mm, different, from the current model which measures around 247.6mm x 178.5mm x 5.9mm. As for the 12.9 inch version it is expected to be 281.5mm x 215.5mm x 5.0mm making it thinner, by approximately 1.4mm compared to the current model.

These dimensions are approximate estimates, and the final product may vary. Although Apple has not officially confirmed the new iPad models, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has reported that a refreshed iPad Air and iPad Pro lineup could be expected by March.

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image 100 58 jpg Leaked Details of 2024 iPad Pro and iPad Air Models Revealed

Furthermore, the iPad Pro models are likely to be the first Apple tablets to feature OLED displays, offering improved contrast and black levels compared to mini-LED screens. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also predicted last year that the new iPad Pro tablets would transition from mini-LED to OLED displays.

Last month, purported CAD renders of the rumored 12.9-inch iPad Air surfaced online, providing insights into the design and form factor of the upcoming tablet. The renders suggested slight changes to the camera unit, a thinner body, and the inclusion of a USB Type-C port for charging.


  1. <strong>Will iPad Pro feature M3 Chip?</strong>

    Yes, there are rumors that the iPad Pro 2024 will feature M3 Chip.

  2. <strong>Will iPad Air feature M2 Chip?</strong>

    Yes, there are rumors that the iPad Air 2024 will feature M2 Chip.


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