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Langam Chaoba Devi Nominated by AIFF Technical Committee for Head Coach Role with India Senior Women’s Team

On Thursday, January 25, 2023, the Technical Committee of the All India Football Federation (AIFF) convened virtually to propose candidates for the coaching staff of the Indian Senior Women’s Team. Led by former India captain Mr. IM Vijayan, the meeting included the presence of AIFF Acting Secretary General Mr. M Satyanarayan, members Ms. Pinky Bompal Magar, Mr. Harjinder Singh, Mr. Arun Malhotra, Mr. Climax Lawrence, Mr. Eugeneson Lyngdoh, and AIFF Technical Director Mr. Syed Sabir Pasha.

Langam Chaoba Devi Image Credits AIFF Langam Chaoba Devi Nominated by AIFF Technical Committee for Head Coach Role with India Senior Women's Team
Langam Chaoba Devi, Image Credits- AIFF

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Following extensive discussions, the AIFF Technical Committee has put forth the name of former India international Langam Chaoba Devi for the role of head coach for the Indian Senior Women’s Team. Boasting a notable playing career, Chaoba Devi has represented India at two AFC Women’s Championships and the 1998 Asian Games in Bangkok. Her previous experience as the assistant coach of the Senior Women’s Team adds depth to her candidacy. Currently serving as the head coach of Kickstart FC, she has steered the team to an unbeaten record and a commendable second place in the ongoing IWL season.

Additionally, Priya PV, honored as the AIFF Women’s Coach of the Year in 2023, has been recommended as the assistant coach for the Blue Tigresses. Priya, who previously led the Indian U17 team, achieved a milestone by guiding them to Round 2 of the AFC U17 Women’s Asian Cup Qualifiers last year. The committee sees her as a valuable addition to the coaching staff for the Indian Senior Women’s Team.

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Priya PV Image Credits AIFF Langam Chaoba Devi Nominated by AIFF Technical Committee for Head Coach Role with India Senior Women's Team
Priya PV, Image Credits- AIFF

The Committee has strongly endorsed the continuity of Lourembam Ronibala Chanu in her role as the goalkeeper coach for the Indian senior women’s team. Recognizing her expertise, the Committee recommends maintaining the stability and experience she brings to the team’s coaching staff.

Looking ahead, the Blue Tigresses are gearing up for their anticipated participation in the 2024 Turkish Women’s Cup, slated to take place from February 19 to 28 in Turkey, coinciding with the FIFA women’s international match window. This marks a potential third appearance for India in the Turkish Women’s Cup, following their engagements in 2019 and 2021. The organizers are expected to reveal the full list of participating teams and fixtures in the coming days.

Lourembam Ronibala Chanu Image Credits AIFF Langam Chaoba Devi Nominated by AIFF Technical Committee for Head Coach Role with India Senior Women's Team
Lourembam Ronibala Chanu, Image Credits- AIFF

Post the conclusion of round 10 of the IWL on February 11, the Indian squad is scheduled to embark on a week-long training camp before heading to Turkey.

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The Acting Secretary General Mr. M Satyanaranan said: “We want to give our women’s team more international exposure this year, and we have decided to send the team to this Turkish invitational tournament. So, I think it will be a good start. Hopefully, our girls will gain much-needed experience playing in a European atmosphere. With the technical committee having recommended their choice of coaches, let’s hope for the best and find some new talent for the Indian team.”

Who is Langam Chaoba Devi?

Langam Chaoba Devi, a prominent figure in Indian women’s football, has traversed a remarkable journey from captaining the national team to making significant contributions as a coach. Hailing from Manipur, her career has been marked by a commitment to excellence and continuous development.

After attaining the NIS Coaching Diploma from SAI Kolkata, Langam further enhanced her coaching credentials by obtaining the prestigious AFC ‘A’ certificate in 2014. This educational background laid the foundation for her transition into coaching, where she has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of Indian women’s football.

Langam’s coaching journey includes a significant stint with the national team, where she served as the assistant coach for the Senior Women’s Team. In this role, she not only contributed to the team’s strategic development but also fostered a culture of excellence that has become synonymous with the team’s identity.

AIFF Langam Chaoba Devi Nominated by AIFF Technical Committee for Head Coach Role with India Senior Women's Team

Her dedication and unwavering commitment to the growth of women’s football in India have earned Langam recognition and respect within the football community. Currently, she holds the position of the head coach at Kickstart FC, a prominent team in the Indian Women’s League (IWL). Under her leadership, Kickstart FC has showcased exceptional performances, maintaining an unbeaten record and securing a commendable position in the league.

Langam Chaoba Devi’s coaching acumen and leadership qualities extend beyond the field, inspiring aspiring footballers and contributing significantly to the elevation of the standard of women’s football in India. Her instrumental role in Kickstart FC’s success is evident in the fruitful results achieved by many players under her guidance.

Tactics Undertaken by Langam Chaoba Devi

Langam Chaoba Devi’s tactical philosophy is characterized by its adaptability and versatility, tailored to suit diverse match scenarios. A firm believer in a dynamic playing style, she emphasizes leveraging the strengths of her team while exploiting the weaknesses of the opposition.

Whether implementing a high-pressing strategy to regain possession or adopting a possession-based approach to dictate the tempo of the game, Langam’s tactical acumen ensures that her team is well-equipped to face any challenges that come their way.

A notable aspect of her coaching approach is the emphasis on youth talents. Langam actively nurtures young players, guiding them towards becoming successful footballers. Her commitment to developing the next generation of talent is evident in her success with junior women’s teams.

Known for her adeptness in counter-attacking football, Langam has achieved success with junior women’s teams, showcasing her ability to implement effective strategies that capitalize on the strengths of her players.

What to Expect from a Team Led by Langam Chaoba Devi?

As a coach, Langam Chaoba Devi brings forth a coaching philosophy centered on discipline, strategic thinking, and a profound understanding of the game. Her coaching style places a strong emphasis on teamwork, skill development, and adaptability, creating an environment that fosters creativity and innovation among her players.

One key aspect to watch out for in Langam’s coaching approach is the implementation of a high-pressing strategy. Expect her teams to aggressively pursue possession, closing down opponents and creating turnovers in critical areas. This proactive style of play aims to exert pressure on the opposition and capitalize on their mistakes.

Noteworthy is Langam’s tactical flexibility, evident in her ability to adjust formations based on her team’s strengths and exploit the weaknesses of the opposition. Keep an eye out for her teams seamlessly switching between different formations to gain tactical advantages during matches.

With the impending transition as Chaoba Devi takes on the role of head coach, replacing Thomas Dennerby, it marks a significant period for the India women’s football team. Under her guidance and leadership, the team is anticipated to undergo a phase of growth and development, with a renewed focus on achieving excellence and making India proud on the international stage.


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