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KhiladiAdda adds arcade game to its offering; Onboards Droid-O by partnering with Freak-X Games

The inclusion of Droid-O brings to the users an attractive galaxy theme arcade game together with lucrative opportunities to monetize their gaming skills

KhiladiAdda – India’s largest micro eSports tournament and online gaming platformannounced the launch of a new alien shooter game – Droid-O on its platform with an exclusive partnership with Freak-X Games – a leading HTML5 game development company in India. The newly integrated game offers an exciting opportunity for real-money gaming enthusiasts to play in an arcade that is fun and rewarding at the same time.

Arcade games are one of the oldest formats existing in the gaming industry before multiplayer games took over. These games are associated with people growing up in the 80s and 90s i.e. millennials as they create meaningful gaming experiences in low stakes. The newly launched alien shooter game – Droid-O, is one of the most engaging arcade games available for online gamers. The game boasts of an engrossing galaxy-based theme and an easy interface that lets the gamer play like a pro.

KhiladiAdda adds arcade game to its offering; Onboards Droid-O by partnering with Freak-X Games

Speaking on the launch, Satyam Rastogi of KhiladiAdda said “With the launch of Droid-O, we are introducing our users to a whole new genre of arcade tournaments available in the online gaming industry. It expands our portfolio and complements the existing one, featuring progressive gameplay for users to experience the magnificent and mysterious world of aliens.”

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“We are delighted to have partnered with Freak-X games; the development and integration of Droid-O has been completed without any glitches. We look forward to gamers achieving an exciting and, engaging experience,” he added.

Talking about the partnership, Ashish Arora – Founder of Freak-X Games said, “We are excited to have Droid-O being made available to the users of KhiladiAdda which has been a go to platform for gamers across the genres when it comes to monetising their gaming skills. The massive engaged user base of KhiladAdda will certainly be a boost for Droid O and will encourage us to further enhance the gamers’ user experience by regular updates incorporating latest technological innovations.”

In Droid-O, the gamers have to play with a mission to eliminate aliens and obtain the highest score to top the leaderboard. The gamer gets three chances and three lives in each game to play the tournament. The participants win cash rewards based on their ranking on the leaderboard. The rewards are directly transferred to their wallet or bank account through UPI or bank transfer.   

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KhiladiAdda hosts a myriad of events and contests every day on its applications, giving its gamers the opportunity to earn while having a fun and joyful gaming experience. It distributes cash winning directly into the gamers’ bank accounts which ensures a hassle-free experience for them.

Currently, KhiladiAdda has more than 2.5 million users registered on the app. As part of the interactive game launch, it projects the overall app numbers to reach 3.5 million by March 2023 with monthly active user count to reach 600-700k. Another game which is in the works and will be launched by the end of FY23 is Court Piece, KhiladiAdda’s first card game offering. 

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