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The Indian Visual Effects Industry (VFX) is the backbone of Hollywood, yet Bollywood has yet to delve into it, Read the 4 points below

Indians and its vfx are becoming prominent in Hollywood. No, it’s not because of Biden’s wokeness or Hollywood’s diversity push. Because of their talent, abilities, and hard work, Indians are becoming an inseparable part of Hollywood’s VFX. Bollywood, on the other hand, has failed to capitalise on the Indian visual effects industry.

What exactly is visual effects (VFX)?

In movie and video production, visual effects, or VFX, is the process of creating or manipulating visuals as inputs in live-action shots. The usage of computer-generated imagery has recently been used to add visual effects to video production (CGI). This enables filmmaking to be augmented with low-cost, basic animation effects.


So, if Khaleesi’s dragons in Game of Thrones – Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion – felt almost real and astounded you, you can thank some great visual effects work.

What are the reasons for Indians’ dominance in Hollywood’s visual effects industry?

Indians are becoming more and more important in Hollywood films’ visual effects.

Hollywood is increasingly relying on Indian VFX specialists, whether for action films like Thor: The Dark World and Avengers or more sensitive productions like The Shape of Water and The Handmaid’s Tale.

Why is Hollywood interested in India?

Affordability and high-quality work are two major advantages offered by Indian VFX artists.

28animation films1 The Indian Visual Effects Industry (VFX) is the backbone of Hollywood, yet Bollywood has yet to delve into it, Read the 4 points below
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In addition, Indians are excellent communicators in English, making it easier for Hollywood to tap into their talents.

“Indians are recognised for their hard work, dedication, and cheap labour, which entice the industry to hire them,” Harsimmar Singh, who has worked on Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) productions including Avengers and Thor: Ragnarok, stated. The majority of people are able to interact effectively with clients and superiors, giving them an advantage over other countries.”

An industry expert, Indrajeet Sisodiya, discussed how Indian visual effects artists are becoming more important. “It has been happening gradually over the years as Indian artistes began to get accepted for abroad VFX study courses, leading to overseas career chances,” he said. Others in India who are extremely brilliant in VFX are given work straight from outside studios, which is another method to break into Hollywood.”

Many multinational visual effects studios are increasingly establishing outposts in major Indian cities such as Mumbai and Bengaluru. No one, it seemed, wants to miss out on promising Indian visual effects talent. For example, Prana Studios Ltd. (Mumbai) worked on Thor: The Dark World, and Bengaluru-based Mr. X contributed to The Shape of Water.

maxresdefault 3 1 The Indian Visual Effects Industry (VFX) is the backbone of Hollywood, yet Bollywood has yet to delve into it, Read the 4 points below

VFX isn’t being used in Bollywood.

While Hollywood has made great use of Indian visual effects specialists, Bollywood and the Indian film industry as a whole has yet to embrace the concept.

Apart from Baahubali, Robot/Enthiran, the Dhoom and Krrish series, and a few regional language films, Indian directors haven’t shown a desire to incorporate VFX into their productions in a significant way.

IndiaTvb0ae53 baahubali visual effects The Indian Visual Effects Industry (VFX) is the backbone of Hollywood, yet Bollywood has yet to delve into it, Read the 4 points below

Final Words:

It is a common misconception that names and brands sell in the marketplace. We’ve seen a lot of films with big performers and sloppy, pointless plots. As a result, the producers believe they can put a large sum of money into the project and hire a high-profile actor in the starring role. They refuse to spend money after that.

There’s also the script issue to consider. Bollywood hasn’t created any significant superhero films or films with a lot of animation or other visual effects in the last few years. As a result, VFX experts have limited opportunities to showcase their abilities.

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