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Igor Stimac’s Contract Extension with India: What Lies Ahead for Indian Football!

The Indian football community is currently immersed in a saga revolving around Igor Stimac‘s contract extension as the head coach of the senior men’s national football team. The All India Football Federation (AIFF) has offered Stimac a two-year contract extension, but his expressed preference for a four-year deal, beginning with the 2026 World Cup qualifiers in November, has cast a shadow of uncertainty over his future. Adding to the intrigue is the news that Stimac is a potential candidate for the head coach position of the Bosnia national team, creating a complex decision-making process that will shape the course of Indian football.

Igor Stimac’s Tenure: A Roller-Coaster Ride

Igor Stimac was appointed as the head coach of the Indian national football team in May 2019, succeeding Stephen Constantine. Since then, his tenure has been marked by a roller-coaster ride of highs and lows. One of the most significant highs was India’s qualification for the group stage of the AFC Asian Cup, where they faced formidable opponents like Australia, Uzbekistan, and Syria. This achievement in early 2019 played a pivotal role in extending Stimac’s contract with the AIFF in October 2022, securing his position until the Asian Cup in Qatar, scheduled from January 2024 to February 10.

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Challenges and Unyielding Demands

Stimac’s time as the head coach has not been without its share of challenges and unyielding demands. Central to his approach has been the consistent advocacy for more preparation time through extended training camps, emphasizing the need to enhance the team’s performance and competitiveness on the international stage. His commitment to reshaping Indian football and elevating its standing in the global arena has been unwavering throughout his tenure.

The Offer: Two Years or Four Years?

The AIFF, under the leadership of President Kalyan Chaubey, is determined to secure Stimac’s continued services as the head coach of the Indian team. They have presented him with a two-year contract extension offer, a gesture of their faith in his coaching abilities. However, Stimac’s expressed preference for a more extended contract, one that includes the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, has created a complex negotiation process. This ongoing contract extension saga is being watched closely by the footballing community, eagerly anticipating a resolution.

The Bosnia Temptation

Adding another layer of complexity to Stimac’s decision-making process is the allure of potentially coaching the Bosnia national team. Recent reports from the Bosnian website Meridian Sport suggest that Stimac is among the candidates being considered for this prestigious role. The prospect of taking the helm of Bosnia’s football fortunes has undoubtedly given Stimac much to ponder as he contemplates his future in coaching.

AIFF’s Vision and Commitment

The AIFF’s pursuit of Stimac’s contract extension reflects their unwavering commitment to the development of Indian football. They recognize Stimac’s pivotal role in elevating the national team’s performance and aspire to continue on this upward trajectory. The ongoing negotiations between the AIFF and Stimac are characterized by a strong desire for coaching continuity.

Igor Stimac’s contract extension saga with the Indian national football team is a defining narrative in the journey of Indian football. While a two-year contract offer is on the table, Stimac’s aspiration for a four-year commitment and the potential allure of coaching Bosnia have added layers of complexity to the situation. The footballing community watches with bated breath as negotiations continue, knowing that the decision Stimac ultimately makes will not only influence his own coaching trajectory but will also shape the destiny of Indian football. The stakes have never been higher, and as the negotiations unfold, the footballing world is poised for the resolution of this captivating saga that will resonate throughout the footballing landscape.


  1. What are the terms of the contract extension offered to Igor Stimac by the AIFF?

    The AIFF has offered Stimac a two-year contract extension. However, there is uncertainty because Stimac prefers a four-year deal that includes the 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

  2. What is Stimac’s preference regarding the duration of the contract?

    Igor Stimac prefers a four-year contract that would include the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, signaling his long-term commitment to coaching the Indian national team.

  3. How has Stimac’s contract extension been influenced by India’s qualification for the AFC Asian Cup?

    India’s qualification for the AFC Asian Cup played a significant role in extending Stimac’s contract, ensuring his presence as head coach until the tournament in Qatar in 2024.

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