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Huawei will not withdraw from global markets but will increase investment: Guo Ping

Huawei‘s rotating chairman Guo Ping spoke about the company’s plans to continue its strategy of globalization by increasing investment in underlying technologies at the MWC 2022. Through these investments, Huawei hopes to enhance its mid and long-term competitiveness while retaining sustainable development of the ICT industry.

“We will not withdraw from the global market. For customers who choose us, Huawei will go all out to help them achieve business success,” Ping said.

Huawei Guo Ping Huawei will not withdraw from global markets but will increase investment: Guo Ping

He further added that Huawei will stick to its globalization policy and will significantly increase its strategic investment in pivotal technologies while working on architecture and software. He believes that all of these will be reflected in the upcoming products of the brand and their competitiveness.

The goal of these investments is also to help other companies get closer to or exceed the Shannon limit, the theoretical maximum transfer rate for error-free transmission over a channel.

In the software department, Huawei is attempting to build an AI-centric full-stack software and a new software ecosystem to meet the increasing demand for computing power brought about by the massive growth of AI.

MWC 2022 is going on in Barcelona until the 3rd of March. Huawei has faced a lot of setbacks in the past two years due to the sanctions imposed on Chinese companies by the USA. It has had to make a lot of changes, the company is slowly but steadily bouncing back.

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