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How to see deleted messages on WhatsApp in 2023? (21st September)

How to see deleted messages on WhatsApp: A Total Guide

WhatsApp allows you to revoke messages that were “mistakenly” delivered to a recipient and all you have to do is long-press the message -> tap on the ‘trash’ icon that displays atop the page -> and select ‘Delete for Everyone’.

Nevertheless, the feature does come with certain drawbacks. There are alternative methods that enable recipients to access and peruse deleted WhatsApp messages. Regrettably, it is presently impossible to read deleted WhatsApp messages on an iPhone. However, if you possess an Android device, we have provided a comprehensive guide on how to view deleted messages on WhatsApp.

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How to see deleted messages on WhatsApp – via Notification History

There is no built-in option in WhatsApp that allows you to read deleted messages. You can, however, read deleted WhatsApp chats without installing any programme if you have an Android 11 or later handset. The operating system includes a notification history option that can maintain a log of all WhatsApp communications, even if the recipient deletes them. To view deleted WhatsApp messages, enable notification history on your Android 11 phone:

  1. Launch the Settings app on your device and locate the “Apps & Notifications” option.

  2. Tap on “Notifications” within the “Apps & Notifications” menu.

  3. Look for and select “Notification history.”

  4. Enable the option labelled “Use notification history” by toggling the button next to it.

  5. Once enabled, you will be able to view all your upcoming notifications, including those from WhatsApp, on the designated notification history page.

To read deleted WhatsApp messages, you must repeat the process each time. The messages will be piled on top of all other alerts (from the previous 24 hours). You can interact with the notice by tapping it, just like you would with a notification on the phone’s pull-down notification shade.

How to see deleted messages on WhatsApp
credit: whatsapp

How to see deleted messages on WhatsApp – Using Third Party App

You may also read deleted WhatsApp photographs and messages using the “Notification History Log” app. This is a free tool that allows you to effortlessly access deleted WhatsApp messages.

  1. Visit the Google Play Store and download the “Notifications History Log” app to your device. This app is available for free.
  2. Once the app is installed, open it and tap on the “Notification History” button.
  3. In the notification history, search for WhatsApp notifications. Deleted messages should be visible under the label “android.text.”

However, be aware that attempting to read WhatsApp messages using unauthorized third-party apps or methods is a violation of WhatsApp’s terms of service and may compromise your privacy and security.

How to see deleted messages on WhatsApp

Using unofficial or unauthorized apps can pose several risks, including:

  1. Privacy and security: Third-party apps may not have the same security measures in place as the official WhatsApp application. They may access and store your personal information, including your messages, which can be a significant privacy concern.
  2. Malware and viruses: Unofficial apps can potentially contain malware or viruses that can harm your device or compromise your personal data.
  3. Account suspension or ban: WhatsApp actively monitors and takes action against accounts that violate its terms of service. If you use a third-party app to access WhatsApp, there is a risk of your account being suspended or permanently banned.

Hope you enjoyed our How to see deleted messages on WhatsApp guide.

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