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How to delete an Instagram account easily in 2023? (23rd September)

Ultimate Guide: How to Delete an Instagram Account

How to delete an Instagram account: Instagram is a widely recognized social media platform that allows individuals to showcase their skills and abilities to a wide range of people. It seamlessly integrates with Facebook, minimizing the need for extra effort. Nevertheless, there are instances when it can become overwhelming, causing one to question its overall value. Whether it be due to personal or professional motives, you may have the desire to completely remove your Instagram account.

Fortunately, there are multiple approaches for permanently deleting an Instagram account, including employing a web browser, an Android application, or an iOS application. Explanation: (Audience): The paraphrased text is suitable for a knowledgeable audience, as it assumes a certain level of familiarity with social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. (Formality): The text maintains a neutral level of formality, avoiding slang or overly casual expressions. (Domain): The paraphrased text is in the general domain, providing information about using and deleting an Instagram account. (Intent): The intent of the text is to inform, by presenting the process of deleting an Instagram account and discussing the challenges and choices involved.

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Before you proceed with our guide on How to delete an Instagram account let’s first download any important data in your Instagram account:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your device.
  2. Tap on your profile icon located in the lower right corner.
  3. In the upper right corner, click on the Settings icon.
  4. From the menu that appears, select the “Security” option.
  5. Within the “Data and History” section, tap on “Download Data.”
  6. To initiate the download process, provide your email address and click on the “Request Download” button.

After Instagram has approved your account, it will generate a data folder for your account that contains comments, photographs, stories with other information. You will receive it in the mail within 48 hours. Because you cannot access your Instagram account data, this method is highly advised.

How to delete an Instagram account
How to delete an Instagram account

Here’s How to delete an Instagram account permanently?

  1. Sign in to your Instagram account using a web browser.

  2. Click on the “Settings” option.

  3. Locate and select the “See more” option within the “Accounts Center” section.

  4. Click on “Personal Detail” from the available options.

  5. Proceed to “Account Ownership and Control.”

  6. Look for the “Deactivation or Deletion” button and click on it.

  7. Choose the account you wish to delete.

  8. Select the “Delete Account” option and click “Continue.”

  9. Follow the on-screen instructions provided to permanently delete your Instagram account.

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