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How Nothing has managed to gain traction in the competitive smartphone market?

Nothing, a UK-based smartphone brand founded by Carl Pei, former co-founder of OnePlus, appeared surprisingly quickly after its creation. The new smartphone brand gained popularity from the very first days. Nothing was officially launched in 2020 in October.


The Rise of Nothing

From the very beginning, Nothing attracted millions of eyes by promoting a promising rapid evolution of design, technology, and price. Pei left OnePlus developers shortly before the launch of the OnePlus 9. At the same time, cryptic tips about the radically new functionality of Pei’s product sparked the maximum interest. Despite the pandemic, Nothing conducts an aggressive entry into almost all European countries, after which they have garnered interest in the Middle East and Asia.

image 14 59 jpg How Nothing has managed to gain traction in the competitive smartphone market?

In addition to attracting large investments from iPod creator, Tony Fadell and Google’s venture capital arm GV, and steadily increasing brand awareness and the number of fans, Nothing has big ambitions to enter the American market. The most difficult battle for the smartphone market: Nothing is at home against Apple. There are millions of fans, an ecosystem, and policies that allow us not to let go of the market. But Carl Pei was not afraid of the challenges, he was sure of the quality of his product, design, and pricing policy, as well as an increase in the number of fans among ordinary consumers.

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image 14 60 jpg How Nothing has managed to gain traction in the competitive smartphone market?

Nothing’s unique design philosophy and affordability have resonated with consumers, and the brand has made a name for itself as a major up-and-comer in the competitive smartphone market. In sum, Nothing’s rapid rise highlights the importance of both innovation and a clear vision. Carl Pei’s gamble has paid off, and he has positioned Nothing as a powerful force in the exciting smartphone industry. As Nothing continues to expand its footprint and innovate in the smartphone space, its journey promises to be one of continued excitement and disruption.


  1. What makes Nothing stand out in the smartphone market?

    Nothing stands out for its innovative design and competitive pricing, capturing attention within a short time since its founding by Carl Pei.

  2. When can we expect Nothing smartphones in the US?

    While plans are in motion for a US launch, specific timing remains undisclosed. Stay tuned for updates through official channels.


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