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Here is a list of all the Video Game films and Show hit on Netflix

There are lots of projects that are under development of Netflix and most recently they have now focused on the video game space. There is a lot of video game TV series and films recently under the development of Netflix. One of the renowned OTT platform Amazon Prime is also has been very busy getting the license for the video game that is contained with the streaming service to generate a TV series along with Bethesda’s Fallout series.

It has been found that last year HBO also has made a big break with the announcement that The Last of Us also going to get a TV broadcasting.

Netflix is quite different as it does not stand in the space and also already has made a huge amount of video game projects like:

Resident Evil: Vendetta Is An Inventively Animated Film That Could Be The  Future Of Video Game Adaptations - Wicked Horror

13.Resident Evil

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This series is an upcoming live-action show on the Capcom franchise with that exact name This similar movie series has been helmed by Paul W.S. Anderson featuring Milla Jovovich, it does not base on any of the games of the long franchise of Capcom but it also has its own story.

This series will take place in the two timelines. In the first timeline, it is contained with two young daughter s named Jade and Billie Wesker who are the daughter of the most terrible Resident Evil villain Albert Wesker. They will meet up in the manufactured corporate city and will start to question their surroundings and also the identity of their own father.

In the second timeline, Jade will be seen fifteen years later that is the time while the whole universe has been overrun by zombies. Now Jade has become thirty years old and also struggling to survive in this universe but her past secrets about her sister, father, and also herself still continue to haunt her.

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Due to COVID 19 pandemic situation, there are no current production dates for Resident Evil has been coming out. It has been planned to be filmed from June through October 2020.

League of Legends Arcane TV series: Release date, story, characters, and  everything we know | PC Gamer


Netflix is going to adopt another MOBA game. This new animated series has belonged to the League of Legends universe in the fall of 2021.

There are also the Riot Games which are respectively behind this animated production. It is expected that in the utopian Piltover and also the oppressed underground of Zaun, that is the tale which is following the origins of two of the popular League champions and also the strength that would tear them apart.

An ASSASSIN'S CREED Animated Series May Be Coming to Netflix - Nerdist

11.Assassin’s Creed

It is reported on the backburner that there is the internal studio of Ubisoft who is working on Raving Rabbids and are recently very tough at work on a Far Cry animated series that was announced in October 2019 and assumed to be called captain Laserhawk: A Blood dragon Vibe. It is still unknown that how much time Far Cry will take to develop and we also don’t know about shifting the focus on the Assassin’s Creed.

It is informed that in the middle of June 2021, Variety exposed Jeb Stuart to be on board to serve both the writer and also as the showrunner of the action series. This 65-year-old write is well known for his brilliant work on Die Hard and also Fugitive. This popular writer is also behind Netflix’s new series Vikings: Valhalla. It has informed that the live-action series that spearhead this incredible game on Netflix is actually what is the first time launching with the animated project that has taken a backseat to permit the studio behind that to concentrate on their active projects.

▷ Cyberpunk 2077: How to Download for Free

10.Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

It is a highly anticipated CD Projekt Red that has been under development since 2012 and will at last release in November 2020 it is launching with a new franchise which is very similar to CDPR’s The Witcher. The story revolves around the street kid who is trying to survive in technology and also body modification that has been an obsessed city for the future. After losing everything he just chooses to become alive to be an edge runner who is a mercenary outlaw that is also known as cyberpunk. This is the original animated series that has its own characters and also is not expected to be overlap with Cyberpunk 2077 in a major way. That has set in the actual Night City.

Netflix Gives First Look at Splinter Cell Animated Series

9.Splinter Cell

It is an iconic spy thriller of Tom Clancy which is set to launch on Netflix. Derek Kolstad who is under development has commented that every season will be self-contained, besides the evolution of the main character. He also looks one big, bad, and one overarching tale and also one of the background stories with the A/B of it. And he is looking for everything that he can do mainly in film and TV to be the best Westerns. He just rides off into the sunset as he is now going for the same thing to the next town over until he one this. It is reported that 16 episodes have been ordered by Netflix for Splinter Cell and each of the episodes has 20-30 minutes. The first season will be contained with 8 episodes, and the other half will contain the second season.

Re\Visioned: Tomb Raider Animated Series" Keys to the Kingdom: Part 3 (TV  Episode 2007) - IMDb

8.Tomb Raider

It is an animated adventure series of Lara Croft who will once again set out for an adventures journey where she would disclose many mysteries by raiding tombs. It is informed that Legendary Entertainment is still working with Netflix on this latest Tomb Raider anime series that has been written by Tasha Huo. One of the popular films and TV series company DJ2 is also working on it.

Movie Review: The Angry Birds Movie is colorful fun for kids | News

7.Angry Birds: Summer Madness

This animates series was announced in March 2020 and also has been under development by Cake and Rovio Entertainment. It has been said that the series will take a cue from the Angry Birds film franchise while exposing a fresh latest look.

Ubisoft - Beyond Good and Evil HD

6.Beyond Good and Evil

It is a very popular live-action adaptation of the famous Ubisoft game that is Beyond Good and Evil that was also announced by Netflix in July 2020. This anime series has been helmed by the director of detective Pikachu Rob Letterman. Now Jason Altman and Margaret Boykin are now building the Ubisoft Film and Television.

Sonic the Hedgehog Animated Series 'Sonic Prime' Ordered at Netflix

5.Sonic Prime

It is an upcoming Netflix 3D animated series that is based on the adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. It has been produced by Netflix with the Wildbrain production company. This Sonic Prime has targeted kids between the age of 11. It is a 24 episode featuring adventure series.

Why I Hate that I Love The Division (The Division Animation Parody) -  YouTube

4.The Division

It is another incredible production of Tom Clancy, The Division that has set to come to Netflix in the form of a feature movie. It has been directed by David Leitch, it will feature the A-Listers Hollywood star Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain. It is following that same exact storyline which is about a devastating virus that has been spread to the entire citizens of New York City on Black Friday.

Far Cry Blood Dragon Anime Title & First Look Footage Revealed

3.Far Cry & Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix

It is coming as the part such many titles of Ubisoft like an anime series that is based on this series and technically it will be incorporate many licenses of Ubisoft. It has been produced by Adi Shankar and is featuring with the alter goes of Ubisoft characters in a highly reference in the early ’90s.

Annecy Sneak Peeks 'The Cuphead Show!'; 'Sirocco,' 'Inu-Oh' - Variety

2.The Cupshead Show!

It is Netflix’s one of the Cupshead shows that will follow the misadventures of the impulsive Cupshead and also his brother Mugman in the animated series which is based on the famous video game. In this animation, the Mugman and the Cupshead have been voiced by Tru Valentino and also Frank Todaro mainly.

Pokémon Journeys Part 1 – But Why Tho? A Geek Community


Now Netflix is launching much incredible content of the Pokemon that is now continued with 24 seasons. In addition to this there is the co-showrunner of Lucifer, Joe Henderson who is also working on this live-action Pokemon TV series that has been adapted also

It has provided also a live adaptation before releasing the Pokemon Detective Pikachu in 2019 that was spread by Warner Bros.

There are also many video games that have been set to come back like the Nintendo game franchise, God of war, Devil May Cry, A Final Fantasy series.


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