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Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special: Did Star Lord Really Get his Iconic Weapons? 

Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the big mysteries of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In this mystery, one more fog is Chris Pratt’s Star Lord comes with a pair of blasters. The signature weapons through his time battling crime among all of the stars. The main question arises of how Star-Lord getting managed to return his guns which remained a mystery until The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special provided them with the heartwarming source. 


Mantis and Drax are very dedicated to their mission to abduct Kevin bacon after they have found our Yondu just rejected to celebrate Christmas with Peter Quill. Due to the animated sequence opening the special. The viewers are led to believe Yondu desires nothing to do along with the holifay6 just after Quill just hinted at him at the present. As all have said and done. However, the special concludes with another animated sequence we can get Yondu was misunderstood along with exchanging the presents with Peter. On returning Peter gifting his adoptive father and little knack, Yomdu provided the kid his blasters. 

g2 2 Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special: Did Star Lord Really Get his Iconic Weapons? 

Star-Lord’s MCU Weapons are Guns? 

In Marvel Cinematic Universe, the weapons of Star-Lord utilize the same ones donned by his comics counterpart. In this source for material, Star-Lord utilizes a weapon popular as the Element Gun permitting him to invoke the elements in powerful ways. When it comes to live-action, however, Guardians director James Gunn tells Quill’s weapons are not the same. 


The filmmaker tweeted, “An audience can only take so much new science fiction stuff explained to them in a two-hour film,” he also added, “Elegance is always my number one priority in storytelling and the element guns, which I love in the comics, would add one new weird thing too many.” 

The new ship unveils the cosmos. After The Milano and Benito joined the team well via their eight-year history in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We can’t deny that in this show, the heroes appear with some fancy ship. 

At one point, Guardians helmer James Gunn wishes to get the superstar to get in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but Bowie passed await just before filming started. Gunn wrote, “ Just a very short while ago Kevin Feige and I were talking about a cameo role in Guardians Vol. 2, and he brought up Bowie’s name,” he also added, “ I told him nothing in the world would make me happier, but I heard from common friends he wasn’t doing very well. We heard back that he was okay and that it could potentially happen. Who knows what that was about? But, for whatever reason, it made my Twitter revelation more of a surprise.” 

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