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Google officially shuts down Stadia

Google has announced the termination of its Google Stadia game streaming service and the refunding of all software and game purchases. When Google Stadia was first introduced in 2019, it was marketed as Netflix for video games. Unfortunately, that assurance has not yet been fulfilled.

On paper, the idea of game streaming over the Internet is a fantastic one, and Google Stadia attracted a lot of interest when it first launched. However, the service was never able to sustain any kind of momentum. People have mostly stayed with physical and digital media since streaming games has the potential to be a hassle due to the patchy nature of many Internet connections throughout the world. 

Competition from services like Amazon Luna, PlayStation Now, and Xbox Game Pass was also fierce for Google Stadia. Even Netflix now offers mobile gaming streaming on its platform. 

The Google Stadia service is about to expire. According to a blog post on the official Google website, Google Stadia will be discontinued on January 18, 2023. By mid-January 2023, all hardware and digital game purchases will also be returned, though no specific date has been announced and information is still scant. Players will still have time to complete the titles they did buy on the service because Google Stadia will be available until its official ending date.

For Google Stadia, the writing has been on the wall for some time. Features that were promised during the initial game advertising were not available when Google Stadia launched. The pandemic served as the true test of Google Stadia’s viability because lockdowns caused a large number of people to stay at home and seek entertainment at a time when the prices of PC and second-hand consoles were sky-high. This was Google’s opportunity to aggressively promote Stadia, but the opportunity was lost.

Fans have been wondering for a while what Google’s plan was with Google Stadia, and it appears that the answer was that there wasn’t one. Despite the fact that users of Google Stadia Pro are probably not going to receive any compensation for their subscription, the idea that fans can recover part of the money they spent on the programme is a plus. Google Stadia had the potential to be something remarkable, but the technology wasn’t there yet, and the corporation never seemed truly committed to the service, despite its enormous potential in a world of pricey hardware.

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Nivedita Bangari
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