Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Google offers free 30 minute trial for Stadia Pro Users

Google comes with a new offer for the Stadia Pro users. All the would-be Stadia Pro users will be given a 30-minute trial without any payment. Until this new deal, if you wanted to enjoy the service of cloud gaming for a month, you had to submit your payment information as a confirmation before the start.

Google is offering this free short time trial to attract the players who had planned for cloud gaming. When the free 30 minutes trial is over, you’ll need to promise about cash before you’ll be given the rest of your one-month free service.

After one year of launching, Stadia’s pitch contains the positives and negatives. On one hand, where users don’t need to have a high-end hardware setup or don’t have to upgrade their consoles or PCs because all the games are hosted on the cloud server of Google.


On the other hand, the entire performance depends on your internet connection, whereas the platform’s utility is limited to its speed, game library, and stability. The worst part is Google’s tendency to kill off those slow-growing projects, making Stadia an insecure investment for the budget gamers who then turn to alternatives like Sony/Microsoft technology.

Google has put them all efforts to remove almost every obstacle between Stadia and would be paying users. The YouTube Premium users can now use Stadia controllers without paying the $99. They have done their best to work around Apple’s refusal to include the game steaming app on iOS, which comes with a web platform that works fine. For global domination, in several countries, it is available as a part of Google’s quest.


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