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Get A Fantastic List of the Top Richest Man in Assam in 2024

Top Richest Man in Assam

Of the seven sister states of North East India, Assam is the largest and most important. It is the largest both geographically and in terms of population. It follows that of the seven sister states, its economy is the largest.
Assam has very few if any, other industries besides the exploration and subsequent refinement of oil and natural gas. All of the sectors are related to the petroleum industry and its byproducts, such as fertilizers. It boasts the second-oldest oil field in the world.

Here is list Top Richest Man in Assam:

Richest Man in Assam

1.Kailash Chandra Lohia

Met Worth: $200 million (2000 crore)

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Based in Guwahati, Assam, the Lohia Group is one of the biggest conglomerates in the Northeastern region of India, under the leadership of Mr. Kailash Lohia. Under the name M/s Bajrang Steel Sales Corporation, the company was founded and began operations in 1981. The Lohia Group now encompasses around fifty distinct firms that operate across Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, Delhi, West Bengal, Jharkhand, and Orissa.

AAC blocks, TMT/Rebars, Ferro alloys, GP/GC sheets, low ash met coke, textiles, food processing, kraft paper, and oxygen bottling are just a few of the products that the firm trades in in addition to steel. They are the only authorized stockist and distributor of TATA GP/GC sheets in the Northeast, as well as a dealer and distributor for a number of other steel producers.

2. Prithani, Sanjeev Kumar

Net Worth: $100 million (1200 crore)

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The late Suresh Prithani’s son, Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Prithani, is the joint managing director of the Brahmaputra group, one of Guwahati, Assam’s top real estate developers. The group was founded in 1987 by Mr. Suresh Prithani, a first-generation entrepreneur, and Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Prithani is his son.

The Brahmaputra group has ventured beyond real estate development to include mining, creating an industrial park near Guwahati, and developing a hydroelectric power project. It has completed tunnel, airport, and highway projects.

98 Get A Fantastic List of the Top Richest Man in Assam in 2024

3. Hemendra Prasad Barooah

Net Worth: $100 million (1000 crore)

Legendary among the Assamese tea estates is Hemendra Prasad Barooah. He is a member of the wealthy Thengaliya Barooah family. He was the son of well-known Indian businessmen, tea planters, and philanthropists Siva Prasad Barooah and Kamal Kumari Barooah. The Khongiya Barooah family has supported tea tourism and looked out for Assam’s interests.

He became the most well-known and wealthy tea planter in the state after inheriting his mother’s farms. It was he who encouraged tourism in Assam and unlocked the doors of the Thengal Manor house for the general public.

4. Dipankar Dutta

Net Worth: $100 million (1000 crore)

When Dipankar Dutta was a young man, he came to New Delhi to pursue further computer studies. returned to Assam after successfully finishing his course. He founded the Computer Education Centre, often known as CEC, in Noonmati in 1994. It had just two computers at the beginning.

With sixteen magnificent years under its belt, the organization today boasts over 130 centers throughout Northeastern India. The institute also provides a range of training programs in a number of subjects, such as management, fashion design, interior decoration, journalism, and computer education.

Badruddin Ajmal Get A Fantastic List of the Top Richest Man in Assam in 2024

5. Badruddin Ajmal Company

Net Worth: $100 million (1100 crore).

He has amassed a sizeable wealth by distilling oils and perfumes from plants. He is the head of the Ajmal Group of Companies, which offers attar perfume and oils. Representative for the Dhubri Lok Sabha seat, Badruddin Ajmal is a member of the Indian Parliament.
Green Ply Industries Ltd., the company owned by Shiv Prakash Mittal, has a net worth of $50 million (500 crore).

Construction material industry began as Mittal Laminates, the largest manufacturer of interior building materials in India, back in 1990. Greenply is present not only in Assam but also in Delhi, Rajasthan, and Kolkata.

6. Kalita Bhagya

Net Worth: $50 million (400 crore)

Mr. Bhagya Kalita is an Assamese business magnate with a focus on real estate, tourism, hospitality, and infrastructure development. Mr. Kalita is from Delhi, although they have commercial interests in Assam.

87y jpg Get A Fantastic List of the Top Richest Man in Assam in 2024

7. Chokhani Prakash

Net Worth: $30 million (250 crore)

The chairman of the Mahadeobari Tea Company is Chokhani Prakash. Prominent throughout the state for his tea plantations, Om Prakash Chowkhani has four gardens in the tea-producing district of Tinsukia. It has been said that one of his gardens is a mega-garden. His Mahadeobari Tea is a well-known brand with a large consumer base.

8. Mr. Alen Ahmed

Net Worth: $20 million (150 crores)

Mr. Alen Ahmed completed his education at the Don Bosco School of Assam, but he left his MBA program early to support his father’s movie theater company.

His dad constructed the first cinema theater in Guwahati. Thus, he has inherited expertise in real estate. There are currently 4 theaters total. Mr. Alen Ahmed established Neha Builders after assuming leadership of the company, building on the solid foundation his father had laid to create a multifaceted general construction company.

mah Get A Fantastic List of the Top Richest Man in Assam in 2024

9. Mahanta Shyam Kanu

Net Worth: $10 million (70 crore)

One of the largest consulting firms in northeastern India is MMS Consulting, whose managing director is Shyam Kanu Mahanta. In addition, he serves as the head of trend MMS, which plans events for festivals including Rongali, Samannay, North East Festival, and Srimanta Sankaradeva Movement. Shyam Kanu Mahanta is an expert chef with a keen sense of style when it comes to presentation and décor.

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  1. <strong>Who in Assam is the richest person?</strong>

    In Assam, Kailash Chandra Lohia is the richest individual. He has built mining and technical companies.

  2. <strong>How many Assamese billionaires are there?</strong>

    Assam is home to zero billionaires in terms of money at the moment.


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