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Get A Magnificent List of Top 5 Richest Man in Lucknow in 2024

Top 5 Richest Man in Lucknow

Some of the wealthiest people in India reside in the city, known as Nawabs. Even so, there are billionaires like Lucknow-born Manoj Bhargava. Nevertheless, because he does not reside in Lucknow, he is not included. We have limited our inclusion to Lucknow residents.

Here is the list of the Top 5 Richest Man in Lucknow 2024

Richest Man in Lucknow

1.Anil Kumar Singh and Family

Net Worth: $700 million (5900 crore)

APCO Infratech (P) Limited’s Managing Director and Founder is Mr. Anil Kumar Singh. In addition, he launched his family’s first business. After completing his studies at Saket University, he began working as a petrol station proprietor in Faizabad in 1988.

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Together with the other investors, he founded a business and began constructing infrastructure in 1992. He began working for himself at the age of 25, and the construction sector now knows him. He began marketing the business as “APCO Construction Pvt. Ltd.” in 1992, and he was successful in making it a major force in the sector.

2.Sanjay Karol

Net Worth: $ 570 million (4700 crores)

Our company’s chairman and non-executive director is Sunjay Kapur. After graduating from the University of Buckingham with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, he continued his studies in owner-president management at Harvard Business School.

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fah Get A Magnificent List of Top 5 Richest Man in Lucknow in 2024

3. Farid Ehsaan

Net Worth: $300 million (2100 crore)

Farid Ehsaan was one of the founders of ShareChat, an Indian social media platform that enables language-based communication, is Farid Ahsan. Now he is no longer a part of the organization. His goal is to establish a vibrant workplace atmosphere that honors the platform’s diversity. He graduated with a B.Tech in Metallurgical and Material Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur.

4. Anand Agrawal Swaroop

Net Worth: $300 million (2000 crore)

Over 35 years have passed since Mr. Agarwal began producing chemicals. He served on the boards of PNB Gilts Limited and Punjab National Bank. He was given the Ratan Award by UP. Mr. Agarwal attended Lucknow University and graduated with a bachelor’s in law.

suu Get A Magnificent List of Top 5 Richest Man in Lucknow in 2024

5. Subrata Roy

Net Worth: $1 million ($8 crore)

However, even though Subrata Roy claims to have assets worth less than $1 million USD (8 Crore), it is difficult to estimate how much money he actually possesses. Nevertheless, the Supreme Court said, “Why wouldn’t Subrata Roy pay up his dues of 36000 Crores when it still is a fraction of his total assets?” during hearings on the request to extend the interim bail to six months.

Thus, it is reasonable to believe that he has more than 36,000 crore in assets. According to its website, Shara India Pariwar has a total net worth of 2,59,900 crore Indian rupees.

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  1. Who in Lucknow is the richest person?

    In Lucknow, Subrata Roy is the richest person. The proprietor of Sahara Group, which has ventures in finance and real estate, is Subrata Roy.

  2. In Lucknow, how many billionaires reside?

    There is only one billionaire living in Lucknow at the moment, measured in US dollars. He is Sahara Group’s Subrata Roy.


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