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Fukrey 3 Review: A Hilarious Rollercoaster of Laughter, Wit, and Unexpected Twists!

Fukrey 3 Review: Fukrey 3 has made a grand entrance, promising an uproarious comedy that’s bound to leave you in splits. Under the directorial genius of Mrighdeep Singh Lamba, this film continues the legacy of its predecessors while adding its own distinct flavour to the mix. With a solid 4-star rating from critics and a release date of September 28, 2023, it’s time to dive headfirst into the zany and witty universe of the Fukra gang.

Fukrey 3 Review: A Comedy Continuation

The Fukra gang is back, and their comic escapades are as entertaining as ever in Fukrey 3. Building on the humour and charm that endeared us to Fukrey and Fukrey Returns, this sequel takes us on a merry rollercoaster ride of misadventures and laughter.

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Fukrey 3 Storyline: A Loop of Hilarity and Politics

Fukrey 3 picks up right where its predecessor left off, seemingly in a narrative loop that keeps us engaged throughout. The story whisks us away on a whirlwind journey, spanning continents and characters, with Choocha (Varun Sharma) at its quirky heart. Joining Choocha are Hunny (Pulkit Samrat), Pandit ji (Pankaj Tripathi), and Lali (Manjot Singh) in their latest escapade – a foray into politics ignited by a ‘Deja-Chu’ moment.

Their mission? To contest an election against the formidable Bholi Punjaban (Richa Chaddha) and, in Choocha’s case, to go head-to-head with her. Enter a new antagonist, Dhingra, the Water Mafia baddie, who sponsors Bholi’s campaign in exchange for her support in his nefarious water theft and smuggling operations.

As Bholi seeks the Fukra gang’s assistance in her campaign, Hunny hatches a clever plan. However, Choocha’s rising popularity prompts Bholi to send the gang to South Africa under the guise of a diamond hunt, hoping to thwart their efforts.

What follows is a series of unexpected events in South Africa, initially resulting in wealth but leading to a significant twist that injects intrigue into the story. Choocha’s ‘Deja Chu’ vision adds an element of unpredictability to their adventures.

Direction and Cast: A Winning Combination

Mrighdeep Singh Lamba’s direction shines once again as he weaves a tale that expertly balances solid humour with social commentary. Kudos to the creative duo of Vipul Vig and Mrighdeep for their writing and dialogues, which serve as the film’s backbone. Abhishek Nailwal’s background score complements the comedic moments, adding an extra layer of amusement.

The beloved bromance between Hunny and Choocha returns, and the love-hate dynamic between Bholi and the Fukra gang adds depth to the story. Pulkit Samrat flaunts his chiselled physique, while Varun Sharma and Pankaj Tripathi steal the show with their impeccable comic timing. Pulkit and Manjot Singh effortlessly reprise their roles, and Richa Chaddha as Bholi exudes ruthlessness and fiery charisma.

Surprises and Shortcomings

While Fukrey 3 is a laugh riot, it’s not without its minor hiccups. The film’s music may not leave a lasting impression, and its runtime of 2 hours and 30 minutes could have been trimmed slightly for a crisper viewing experience. Certain narrative elements, such as the inclusion of a South African character named Mumbasa falling in love with Choocha and Manu Rishi Chadha’s track in the second half, could have been streamlined.

Closing Thoughts: Fukrey 3 Review

In conclusion, Fukrey 3 is undoubtedly one of the finest entertainers of 2023, delivering ample laughter, witty humour, and an essential social message. The headline’s reference to an ‘earthquake’ is a tantalizing hint at the seismic hilarity within. Despite minor flaws, Fukrey 3 succeeds in entertaining and engaging its audience, living up to its reputation as a laugh-out-loud comedy. Don’t miss this uproarious journey; Fukrey 3 is now showing in theatres near you.

Movie details and review for Fukrey 3

Movie DetailsReview
Movie NameFukrey 3
Critics Rating4 stars out of 5
Release DateSeptember 28, 2023
DirectorMrighdeep Singh Lamba
GenreComedy Drama
Duration2 hours and 30 minutes
Main Cast– Varun Sharma as Choocha
– Pulkit Samrat as Hunny
– Pankaj Tripathi as Pandit ji
– Manjot Singh as Lali
– Richa Chaddha as Bholi Punjaban
StorylineA comical journey involving politics,
water mafia, and the Fukra gang
Highlights– Varun Sharma’s impeccable comic
– Hilarious storyline with a twist
– Strong performances from the cast
Shortcomings– Music not memorable
– Slightly lengthy runtime
– Some narrative elements could have
been streamlined
In TheatersFukrey 3 is now showing in theaters


  1. When was Fukrey 3 released?

    Fukrey 3 was released on September 28, 2023.

  2. What is the critics’ rating for Fukrey 3?

    Fukrey 3 received a critics’ rating of 4 stars out of 5.

  3. How long is the duration of Fukrey 3?

    Fukrey 3 has a runtime of 2 hours and 30 minutes.

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