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New Fortnite Leak: What It Has For You?

A new Fortnite Leak is out, and it sheds light on the new skins of some new characters. So, we can expect to have some new games and their news updates on Fortnite soon. However, we still don’t know the exact details or when they are going to launch.

And if you even didn’t know about this, then don’t worry, because that is why we have brought you this guide. So without barking around the wrong trees, let’s get started with our guide.

WhatsApp Image 2023 11 18 at 12.40.13 New Fortnite Leak: What It Has For You?

Fortnite Leak: New Skins Approaching

This all started with a recent announcement on Twitter/X made by Shiina, who is a Fortnite data miner and also the source of Fortnite Leak. In these posts, the new skins for the three characters, Omni–Man, Invincible, and Atom Eve are shown off.

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So, we can make a guess here that soon we will be welcoming these new games and characters in the Fortnite OG. While playing, we can also update the skins and get these three new skins for the three mentioned characters.

However, until now, Epic hasn’t shared any news or released any announcements. So we don’t exactly know if it’s going to be another high-profile IP collaboration.

WhatsApp Image 2023 11 18 at 12.40.11 1 New Fortnite Leak: What It Has For You?

As you may already know, these characters are based on Robert Kirkman’s comic book superheroes. They were also featured in the well-known Amazon animated series.

Whether the new Fortnite leak is true or not, we can’t deny the fact that these superhero characters looked sharp. Just like other licenced characters that have been released before, these new characters also have curved forms with sharp features and smart looks.

Further, Shiin has shown off other accessories related to the Invincible skins on the YouTube account. These accessories can be used by other characters and their capes.

To name a few are, Atom Eve’s Subatomic Swords, the Reaniman Arm, War Woman’s Mace, the severed head of the Immortal, and a Burger Mart bag that comes with sequid brains. However, with all these Fortnite leaks, we can’t deny the fact that all these seem a bit ironical.

What strikes here is the fact that Invincible is not a kid-friendly game, including some of the accessories mentioned here. Also, the Fortnite leak comes out on a day when Epic already announced age ratings on the skins and cosmetics of the game.

This one thing is capable of changing various already-existing things about the game. As assumed after the Fortnite leak, it is expected that some cosmetics and skin won’t remain usable for certain islands.

Yet, it will be too early to draw any conclusions just based on the Fortnite leak. Thus, we have to wait for more updates and details to be provided by the official authorities.

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