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FIFA 23: New Chemistry system explained in detail; Here’s how it works in FUT 23

EA Sports’ football-based video game FIFA has been a huge hit with the players over the years. They release a new version of the game around September each year. This year, FIFA 23 will release on 30th September worldwide.

However, those who have pre-ordered the FIFA 23, irrespective of the editions, can get access to their FUT clubs via the FUT 23 Web App and Companion App. The FIFA 23 FUT Web App launches on Wednesday, 21st September 2021. Meanwhile, the FUT Companion App launches on Thursday, 22nd September 2021.

The new chemistry system has been creating a lot of confusion. Players are finding it hard to complete the SBCs with the new chemistry system. So here, we have explained how the new chemistry system works in detail.

Major update to the chemistry system

  • Players can earn up to 3 Chemistry Points by having players of the same Nationality/Region, League and Club.
  • No Positional links, so players can now link regardless of their position on the pitch.
  • Players have preferred and alternate positions.
  • Overall Squad Chemistry has been removed and replaced by individual Chemistry for each player.
  • No negative impact on Attributes caused by low Chemistry, so players will always play with at least their Item’s Attributes.
  • Loyalty system has been removed.

Here’s how the chemistry points work in FIFA 23

 1 Chemistry point2 Chemistry point3 Chemistry point
  Club  2 players  4 players    7 players
Nationality/Region  2 players  5 players    8 players
  League  3 players  5 players    8 players
image 638 FIFA 23: New Chemistry system explained in detail; Here's how it works in FUT 23

If it is showing you like this, it means that you’ll need one more PSG or France player alongside Mbappe to get 1 Chemistry on both the players. You can also get 2 Ligue 1 players which will give you 1 Chemistry point each. If you give a French Ligue 1 player alongside Mbappe, it’ll count towards both the parameters.

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image 639 FIFA 23: New Chemistry system explained in detail; Here's how it works in FUT 23

The new chemistry system is great for building your Ultimate Team as it opens up a whole new range of possibilities to build your squad with different types of players. However, it has made SBCs a little bit more time taking and difficult.

You can now pre-order the game:
Xbox Series X – https://amzn.to/3zC2FIn
PlayStation 5 – https://amzn.to/3BtRK4y

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