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Exclusive: Android 12 first-look leaked, a huge revamp is coming?

Google I/O 2021 is a few days away from now. It’s going to be a virtual event. As Android is one of the successful products in use, the announcement of the next Android version will not be a surprise at this event.

Thanks to Jon Prosser, a well-known leaker and YouTuber, for whom we get the first official look of Android 12. Yes, you read it correctly – The First OFFICIAL Look of Android 12. He has leaked the renders of the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro a day earlier and now he is sharing another surprise with us. So, here’s what is coming after Android 11.

Android 12

A clip shared by Jon shows a huge revamp of the Android OS interface with the Android 12 update. The difference between Android 11 and Android 12 can be put like the difference between Funtouch OS and OriginOS. Opinions might vary from person to person.

image 26 Exclusive: Android 12 first-look leaked, a huge revamp is coming?

Updates on Android 12:

  • A new and improved UI experience
  • Stronger privacy and security policies
  • All your devices can work better together

Now, here’s what are the changes spotted in the clip.

New Widget Designs

The majority of Android users care about the mobile theme and widgets. Most of the custom skins available in the market provide the theme change facility. And these themes change the widget styles as well. But for the stock Android users are also going to get new fancy widgets.

Google worked on most of the generally used widgets and give a sweet touch. Among the widgets, there are the music player, clock, weather, and more. All of these are now in their new clothes. These are not all, The color of the music player can change color or theme as per the playing track or mood. Besides, the clock widget will automatically adjust its color based on your display background color. As per the clip, the clock color was brown when it was on a red flower of the display background. It changes its color when the user drags that to another part of the screen, on another flower with a different color.

It’s not over yet. Resizing the widgets is also possible now. But if you have multiple widgets on your home screen and want to add a new one, you need to resize each of them individually. dragging one will be enough. The existing widgets around will not go otherwise like before. Instead, will change their size and shape accordingly.

Notification Bar and Quick Toggles

There are plenty of improvements in the Notification Bar and Quick Toggles. I’m sure, there are a lot more which we can detect post the official release or through later leaks.

image 33 Exclusive: Android 12 first-look leaked, a huge revamp is coming?

You need to drag from the top to get access to it. Nothing new in it, but the style is changed now. All the icons get curved edges and this time, all the icons are not placed with the same shape. Some of them, mainly the volume and brightness options are cylindrical. The shape of these icons changes from a square to a round when activated and returns to a square again when deactivated.

In the active notification section, users can adjust the space between two notifications to get a clean look. All the notifications from the same applications can group up too but the curve edges of each pack can satisfy your eyes very easily.


Animations are everywhere in Android. These can provide users a fast and smooth transition from one window to another, or conversion from one form to other. Each of the icons in the notification reacts with every touch. Not only the icons, all the widgets that stack multiple stuffs also expands in an entertaining manner. Alongside, the outer layer of the camera application icon is rotating continuously. That simply means, there can be more applications like this.

image 35 Exclusive: Android 12 first-look leaked, a huge revamp is coming?

Lock Screen

In the lock screen, the clock is bigger and clearer now, placed in the center of the screen. However, the lock sign is in the same position, at the top center. Missed calls, messages, and other lock screen notifications are shifted to the top left corner in the notification bar. You can find the Wi-Fi, mobile network, and battery symbol in the top right as always.

image 39 Exclusive: Android 12 first-look leaked, a huge revamp is coming?

Chat Bubbles

Google already introduces floating chat bubbles in Android 11. In the next update, the developers not just change the looks, it’s way more than that. Chats from different apps and different persons will be of different shapes, and you can merge multiple floating bubbles of different persons’ chat in the same platform.

image 37 Exclusive: Android 12 first-look leaked, a huge revamp is coming?

New Keyboard and Calculator

Well, we get a quick look at a keyboard and calculator. However, there is no hint about the keyboard’s specialty; it just looks a bit new. Besides, in the calculator application, users can adjust the font size thereby reducing or increasing the number pad height.

I can bet, there is a lot more than this in Android 12. Google cooks a smooth, fast, secure, and good-looking operating system version this year. Can’t wait to experience the update. Are you excited like me? Let me know in the comments.

Image & info source: Jon Prosser (Front Page Tech)

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