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EA is bringing major overhaul to some of the most iconic characters in Sims 4

Hey there Simmers, EA has just offered us the first look at the key character overhauls in The Sims 4. The company first revealed in August that it will be giving some “flagship characters” a cosmetic overhaul, as well as modifications to their narrative and personality.

The team provided an update on the construction of several revamped NPCs during a Livestream this week highlighting the new Kit and Neighborhood Stories feature.

SimGuruRusskii displayed comparative images for Bella Goth, Mortimer Goth, Dina Caliente, and Nina Caliente. Bella and Mortimer’s appearance have been altered to make them appear older, which makes sense given that they don’t appear to be much older than their adolescent daughter.

Mortimer may also receive a new mustache, which SimGuruRusskii described as “a little more sophisticated, a little more lovely.” The crew is thinking of changing Mortimer’s skin tone.

Bella Goth’s new idea also depicts her with a more accurate skin tone, more closely resembling her look in prior Sims games following years of whitewashing allegations. She may also receive a new hairdo that is “a little bit more current, a little bit more sophisticated as well.”

The Caliente sisters’ skin tones are also being changed, with SimGuruRusskii stating that the two are “intended to be kind of like, the notion between Spanish and Middle Eastern Arabic.” The new idea brings both characters closer to their previous game looks, with the studio planning to eventually ditch Dina’s banana-yellow hair in favor of something more subdued.

Nina’s hair color may also be somewhat adjusted to a more auburn-toned appearance. Both sisters may be getting new clothing that will make them seem more “glam” than their current hot mess of 2014 fashion.

According to SimGuruRusskii, there is no set release date for these modifications, and everything is still very much a work in progress. She cautioned that the concepts are still susceptible to change, but I imagine that the overall mood of each makeover would be consistent across characters.



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