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Did You Know These Ways to Spend Your Bitcoin?

Since its inception, Bitcoin has been an invaluable investment for investors because of its price appreciation. In the past, BTC has reached an unforeseen high of $40,000. BTC coin holders can split the coins into pieces and spend as little or as much as they want. 

Its applications over the years have grown, allowing Bitcoin investors to spend the digital currency in unexpected ways. Here is a list of ways where you can spend your BTC:

Did You Know These Ways to Spend Your Bitcoin?

  1. Buy Your Favorite Pizza

Bitcoin got famous by being spent on pizzas. Previously, it wasn’t accepted as a currency to buy commercial items. On May 22, 2010, Bitcoin was used in its first commercial transaction. Almost 10K Bitcoins were used to buy only two pizzas. 

Remember, these Bitcoins weren’t traded between a person and a business. Instead, it took place between two traders, where the second trader ordered the pizzas for the first one. Now, you can buy pizza using your BTC directly from a pizzeria. 

  1. Travel the World

The traveling industry is highly competitive in providing the best to its customers. If you want to pay for your travels using Bitcoin, check which travel agencies offer this payment method. 

Using cryptocurrency can offer customers great deals, discounts, and loyalty points. Here are a few agencies that offer BTC as a payment method:

  • Travala – accepts BTC and other cryptocurrencies while offering a loyalty points program. 
  • Expedia – one of the most famous travel agencies offering BTC payment methods. 
  • Virgin Galactic – accepts BTC for space tourism. One of the few service providers is thinking of changing cryptocurrency into USD for traditional transactions. 
  1. Gambling in Casinos

Whether you love gambling in a traditional, offline casino or an online one, you can pay with BTC to deposit money into your account and play games. Typically, online casinos provide a list of payment methods suitable for a broader target audience.  

This new and rising trend in the entertainment industry has forced casinos to meet customers’ unique needs. Check out this link to find the best online casinos that offer BTC as a payment method. 

  1. Buy Your Favorite Car

Yes, now you can buy a car from your Bitcoins! And no, we aren’t only talking about Tesla. Although Tesla was one of the first and very few car companies that offered this payment method, there are other, more luxurious brands offering the same. 

For instance, you can buy a Lamborghini, a car from Sotheby’s auction, and cars from private dealerships with your BTC. 

  1. In-Game Purchases with BTC

Most purchases in gaming now happen digitally. This means Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency options are available for players’ ease. Here are a few gaming platforms that accept BTC:

  • Humble Bundle 
  • Xbox 
  • Bitcoin Casino
  1. Buy Event Tickets

Use your Bitcoin to buy passes for upcoming events and shows. This is one of the best ways to use your BTC. Don’t forget to watch your favorite team play live sports by buying their season tickets or more. 


This trend of using Bitcoin as a payment method is highly usable and widespread. Multiple industries, including the healthcare industry, now offer Bitcoin as a payment method. Within the next few years, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment methods will become mainstream and available everywhere.

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Rahul Roy
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