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Could Diablo Be the Next Hit Video Game TV Show? Blizzard Boss Thinks So

Fans of the dark fantasy action RPG series Diablo rejoice! Recently, Rod Fergusson, general manager of the Diablo franchise at Blizzard Entertainment, indicated his belief that a Diablo television series would be an enormous success.

Diablo Be the Next Hit Video Game TV Show

While there’s no official announcement yet, Fergusson’s comments hint at the potential for a thrilling new adaptation to join the growing trend of video game television shows.

Why Diablo is Perfect for Television

In Fergusson’s view, It has particular appeal for television because of the core themes.

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The franchise’s central conflict – the eternal war between the angelic High Heavens and the demonic Burning Hells –  represents the classic battle between good and evil, a concept that resonates with audiences worldwide.

A compelling television series could be born out of this focus on relatable topics, in combination with the robust lore and black atmosphere of the Diablo universe.

Taking Inspiration from Recent Successes

Fergusson added that Diablo’s potential for television can also be seen from the recent success of similar adaptations. The growing audience for high quality television based on video games is demonstrated by shows like “The Last of Us,” “Halo,” and the critically acclaimed “Cyberpunk Edgerunners.”

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image 2 23 Could Diablo Be the Next Hit Video Game TV Show? Blizzard Boss Thinks So

These films show that adaptations to video games can be successful not only because they are critically acclaimed, but also because they have been well received. A series, with its established world and dedicated fanbase, could be poised to follow suit.

Following the Warcraft Movie’s Footsteps?

It’s not the first time that Blizzard has adapted its games to a large or small screen. The 2016 Warcraft film, directed by Duncan Jones, holds the title of one of the highest-grossing video game films internationally.

However, the movie’s domestic performance was underwhelming, and a planned sequel never materialized.

image 3 29 Could Diablo Be the Next Hit Video Game TV Show? Blizzard Boss Thinks So

While the Warcraft movie’s box office fate might give some pause, the television landscape offers a different playing field.

Shows can develop their narratives over multiple seasons, allowing for deeper exploration of the characters and world compared to a single film.

The Future of Diablo on Television

With the ever-increasing popularity of video game adaptations and the strong foundation provided by the Diablo franchise, a television series seems like a natural progression.

It remains to be seen if Blizzard will choose this path, but Fergusson’s comments have certainly inspired the imaginations of Diablo fans all over the world.

image 4 49 Could Diablo Be the Next Hit Video Game TV Show? Blizzard Boss Thinks So

One thing’s certain: the potential for a mesmerizing and epic Diablo TV series is undeniable. If done right, it could join the ranks of other successful video game adaptations, captivating audiences and bringing the world of Sanctuary to life on a whole new level.

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