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The Herculean Task of Coaching Indian Cricket Team: Why Top Coaches Are Reluctant to Coach Team India?

Coaching Indian Cricket Team : Coaching the Indian cricket team, a role revered as one of the most prestigious in the cricketing world, has surprisingly become a daunting challenge. With Rahul Dravid likely stepping down after the T20 World Cup 2024, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) faces a difficult task in finding his successor. Despite being the wealthiest cricket board with a team full of superstars, the BCCI struggles to attract top coaches. Notable names like Ricky Ponting, Justin Langer, and Andy Flower have all declined the opportunity. So, what makes the job of coaching Team India so challenging?

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image 19 90 jpg The Herculean Task of Coaching Indian Cricket Team: Why Top Coaches Are Reluctant to Coach Team India?

Immense Pressure

Coaching Team India means dealing with constant pressure to win every match. The expectation is always to come out on top, regardless of the opposition. This immense pressure extends beyond match results. Coaches face pressure regarding team selection, handling intra-squad politics, and managing the larger than life personalities of star players. Few can withstand this relentless scrutiny and stress. Rahul Dravid, who looked relaxed during his tenure as NCA head in 2021, now appears visibly aged, a testament to the job’s demanding nature.

The Herculean Task of Coaching Indian Cricket Team : Why Top Coaches Are Reluctant

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A Thankless Job

In Indian cricket, the spotlight is firmly on the players. If the team wins, the credit goes to the players, but if they lose, the coach bears the brunt of the criticism. The head coach’s role, which involves managing the team more than coaching cricket basics, often goes unappreciated. Unlike in Australia or England, where the team identity is prominent, Indian cricket often prioritizes individual hero worship, sidelining the coach’s contributions.

No Personal Life

The demanding schedule of the Indian cricket coach leaves little room for personal life. Coaches only get a two month break during the Indian Premier League (IPL). While Rahul Dravid managed to get some breaks, his predecessors like Ravi Shastri and Anil Kumble had to be constantly on the move with the team. Future coaches are unlikely to get frequent breaks, making it a relentless job that severely impacts personal time.

Not Enough Financial Incentives

While the BCCI offers an attractive package, it pales in comparison to other lucrative opportunities in the broadcasting world or T20 leagues. Rahul Dravid earns Rs 12 Crore annually as the head coach. However, coaches like Justin Langer and Ricky Ponting can make around Rs 4 Crore for just three months in other roles. When combined with opportunities in other leagues or media roles, their earnings can soar to Rs 20-25 Crore a year, making the India coach role less financially appealing.

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The Herculean Task of Coaching Indian Cricket Team : Why Top Coaches Are Reluctant

image 19 91 jpg The Herculean Task of Coaching Indian Cricket Team: Why Top Coaches Are Reluctant to Coach Team India?

Multiple Restrictions

The India head coach faces several restrictions that do not apply to players. Coaches are prohibited from taking jobs in the IPL or other leagues and have limitations on media appearances and expressing their views publicly. These restrictions further deter potential candidates who value professional freedom and financial gain.

Intense Media Scrutiny

The India head coach is subject to intense media scrutiny. Former players turned commentators often publicly criticize the coach. Sunil Gavaskar, for instance, has criticized Rahul Dravid’s frequent breaks. This relentless media attention adds another layer of pressure, making the role less attractive to potential candidates.

The role of coaching Team India, while prestigious, comes with numerous challenges that deter even the most accomplished coaches. The immense pressure, lack of recognition, limited personal life, inadequate financial incentives, multiple restrictions, and intense media scrutiny create a job environment that is as demanding as it is thankless. As the BCCI searches for Rahul Dravid’s successor, these challenges will continue to loom large, making it one of the toughest coaching jobs in the world of cricket.

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  1. How much does Team India’s head coach earn?

    Around Rs 12 Crore annually


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