Sunday, May 22, 2022

Category: Google

Android 13 OS may allow two carrier connections on a single eSIM

As per Esper, Google is supposedly working on an Android 13 feature device that could potentially be a game-changer for those who use two SIM cards on a single device. In addition...

Pixel 6a rumored to launch at Google I/0, Pixel 7 Series and Pixel Watch will launch in October

This year's Google I/O has been scheduled for May 11-12, it will be the first event of the year hosted by the search giant. As is usual, the company will announce the...

Fairphone 2 launched with Android 5 receives an upgrade to Android 10 nearly 7 years later

Fairphone has made a name for itself as a phone maker that makes highly repairable, durable, and sustainable devices. The Fairphone branding is not in some of the major markets such as...

Google is adding air raid alerts for Ukrainian Android users

Days after the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, Google announced that it will be disabling some of its Google Maps features in Ukraine such as traffic information and crowd data. Google's argument for...

Google’s vision for the future involves more sales of tablets in comparison to laptops

Google has highlighted its vision and recent work in large screen devices such as tablets, as captured by its tablet's first Android apps plans. The details were presented on the 10th of...

Google set to launch the first foldable Pixel device named Pixel Fold in Q4 of 2022

It's happening! The rumors regarding Google's development of the first Pixel foldable device are going to become a reality this year. As per Ross Young from DSCC, the Search Engine giant has...

Android 13 gets an Italian coffee-flavored dessert as its codename

Google has released the first Android 13 Developer Preview which brings many changes by building upon the existing features available in Android 12 OS. With the transition from Android 12 to 13,...

Upcoming Gaming centered on Chromebooks and how it could be a possibility via Steam thanks to its Linux kernel

Google's plans for gaming-oriented Chromebooks may be on the verge of becoming a reality. After years of hyping Steam for Chrome OS and even Nvidia demoing DLSS and ray tracing functionality on...

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