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Cannes 2024: Anasuya Sengupta Makes History as First Indian Actor to Win Best Actress

Cannes 2024: On May 25, 2024, the curtains closed on the 77th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, leaving behind a trail of remarkable moments and Indian triumphs. Among the highlights was the groundbreaking win of Anasuya Sengupta, marking her as the first Indian actor to clinch the prestigious Best Actress award at Cannes. This historic achievement adds a luminous chapter to India’s cinematic journey on the global stage.

Anasuya Sengupta’s Triumph:

Hailing from Kolkata, Anasuya Sengupta carved her name in cinematic history by securing the prestigious Un Certain Regard Prize for Best Actress for her compelling performance in “The Shameless.” Directed and scripted by Bulgarian filmmaker Konstantin Bojanov, the film follows the journey of Renuka, portrayed by Anasuya, as she escapes from a Delhi brothel after a fateful encounter with a police officer. Reflecting on her exhilarating win, Anasuya shared, “I received the news when Konstantin sent me a link to the press conference announcing the Cannes official selections. When our film’s name was announced, I jumped out of the chair with ecstasy!”

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Her Journey to Success:

Anasuya’s path to Cannes glory is a testament to her dedication and talent, resonating deeply with the festival’s jury and audiences worldwide. Her portrayal of Renuka captivated hearts and minds, earning acclaim and admiration on an international scale. This momentous achievement not only celebrates Anasuya’s individual prowess but also highlights the evolving landscape of Indian cinema on the global stage.

Indian Presence at Cannes 2024:

Beyond Anasuya’s historic win, the 77th Cannes Film Festival showcased a vibrant tapestry of Indian cinema. Shyam Benegal’s timeless classic “Manthan” received a special screening, reintroducing its powerful narrative to a new generation of cinephiles. Additionally, two Indian films, “Sunflowers Were the First Ones to Know” and “Bunnyhood,” captivated audiences and critics alike in the La Cinef Selection.

“Sunflowers Were the First Ones to Know,” a poignant Kannada short film directed by Chidananda Naik, drew inspiration from Indian folklore, translating timeless tales into cinematic brilliance. Naik’s vision to harness India’s rich storytelling tradition found expression in this heartfelt production, shot within a concise timeframe of four days.

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Meanwhile, “Bunnyhood,” crafted by director Mansi Maheshwari, delved into the complexities of truth and deception, weaving a narrative rooted in personal experiences. Maheshwari’s introspective exploration resonated with universal themes, transcending cultural boundaries and resonating with audiences worldwide.

Anasuya Sengupta’s historic win at the Cannes Film Festival signifies a landmark moment for Indian cinema, underscoring the talent, diversity, and creativity within the industry. Her portrayal in “The Shameless” not only captivated audiences but also shattered barriers, paving the way for greater recognition of Indian actors on the international stage.

As Indian filmmakers continue to push boundaries and explore new horizons, Cannes stands as a beacon of excellence and a testament to the global impact of Indian cinema. With each triumph and accolade, Indian cinema reaffirms its position as a cultural powerhouse, enriching the world with its compelling stories and captivating performances.

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  1. Who is Anasuya Sengupta?

    Anasuya Sengupta is an Indian actor from Kolkata who made history by becoming the first Indian to win the Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival.

  2. What film did Anasuya Sengupta win the Best Actress award for at Cannes?

    Anasuya Sengupta won the Best Actress award for her performance in “The Shameless,” a film directed by Bulgarian filmmaker Konstantin Bojanov.


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