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Call of Duty (Season 3): Everything We Know About the Latest Updates of Warzone and Vanguard

Season 3 of Call of Duty comes with new updates. The second season was indeed reloaded with an update that is still incomplete swing for both Call of Duty: Warzone and we also are already looking before to the latest season 3 content. In this new season, we will see Warzone and Vanguard.

The new reports confirm that Activision has not yet been declared any official date to start for Call of Duty Season 3 and also given that the number of the days remaining in the battle pass with the players that also can be expected with the new update that will come around 26th April. The seasonal updates of call of Duty will launch around 9 AM PT/ 12 PM ET.   It is not constant by also subjected to be here changed with such an official announcement with many details going to arrive later this month.

Vanguard Season 3 start date: Season 2 end date & leaks - Charlie INTEL

Call of Duty (Season 3): Expectations

There is nothing officially confirmed for either the title along with a new season of call of Duty content usually that indicates there will be a new battle pass to increase the level along with the additional maps, modes, weapons, operators, and many more the new seasonal events usually famous with the call of Duty along with the timing of season 3 fetch some late  Easter content or spring seasonal events.


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Warzone currently got a major update for the Rebirth Island map with the second season and new features just like the Weapon Trade Stations and Communication Towers all have been set to be included all around that prison island. TLC is going to Warzones small map and now it is possible that the season 3  mainly focusing to be shifting back to that main Caldera map.

Now Raven Software already has been teased more updates arrive in this battle royale as the developer also describes the current perk changes like just being a glimpse with that Season 3.

Deploy with Armored War Machines in Call of Duty®: Vanguard and Warzone™  Season Two, Launching on February 14


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Vanguard has multiplayer, new maps and modes also will be added. Sledgehammer Games also recently offered such an experimental playlist and gave the effort for testing better spawn changes and also the quality of life with such updates included in Season 3.

If you are a competitive player, Ranked Play also should restore the new rewards for the third season, and the call of Duty League’s blog detailed past with each the season of Ranked Play also contains unique rewards with their own set, weapon blueprints, cameos, charms, many more. Ranked Play currently got major updates with the  Skill Rating system and also tweaks that also will be going to make the season 3 mode.

There are zombies who saw some cute substantial changes in season 2 The mode got a main storyline  Easter egg, two Wonder Weapons with a few side  Easter Eggs. Now Vanguard zombies mode also currently arrives under such heavy criticism from the entire fans for including a pause feature with major limitations, but it is still uncertain if there are any changes that happened to that pausing rejections.

Call Of Duty Season 3: Warzone And Vanguard Start Date, Time, And Details -  GameSpot

The other updates about Call of Duty are Snoop Dogg is going to arrive on the 19th of April as a  playable operator in both Warzone and  Vanguard. Recently, Vanguard provides an offer of a two-week-long Free access event along with the platforms, and there is anyone who can be able to jump on and try Season 2’s latest maps and modes. The gamers will be able to access other games freely until 13th April means today.

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