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BTS Jungkook Makes a Comeback as Bam’s Dad on Instagram, Surpasses 2.5 Million Followers- ‘Maknae came home’

Jungkook from BTS isn’t letting go of the Instagram excitement, all thanks to his furry companion, Bam! Despite deactivating his personal account to concentrate on engaging with fans on Weverse, Jungkook pleasantly surprised everyone by making a comeback to the platform on April 14th.

Jungkook Image Credits Instagram BTS Jungkook Makes a Comeback as Bam's Dad on Instagram, Surpasses 2.5 Million Followers- ‘Maknae came home'
Jungkook, Image Credits- Instagram

However, this time around, it wasn’t for himself but for his cherished pet, Bam. Alongside this, he shared his presence on Weverse to enhance connections with his fans. Presently, the Golden Crooner is fulfilling his mandatory military service in South Korea.

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Jungkook’s Pet Project: BowWow_Bam’s Instagram Debut

BTS’ Jungkook recently launched a new Instagram account for his pet, Bam. On Weverse, Jungkook shared, “I can’t brag about anything right now so I’m going to brag about my baby. Have a fun ‘night’ from now on, @bowwow_bam.” While fans took a moment to grasp the situation, Bam’s account quickly amassed over 2.6 million followers within hours. What’s noteworthy is that Jungkook opted to keep the comment section open for all to engage and share their thoughts. It’s likely that Jungkook himself manages the Instagram account @bowwow_bam, given the adorable username ‘Bam’s dad.’

438377684 338723918783190 8349793782742881968 n BTS Jungkook Makes a Comeback as Bam's Dad on Instagram, Surpasses 2.5 Million Followers- ‘Maknae came home'
BTS Jungkook Makes a Comeback as Bam’s Dad on Instagram, Image Credits- Instagram

BTS’ Jungkook has reunited with Bam, and their Instagram account has already treated fans to seven posts showcasing Bam’s adorable moments – from striking poses like a model to playing with his human companion. However, it’s the video featuring Jungkook alongside Bam, albeit without revealing his face, that has sparked speculation among fans.

Many believe that the 3D crooner might be on a short break from his military service. Speculation is running wild, and since last night, ‘Jungkook came home’ has been trending on social media.

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Jungkook Image Credits IMDb BTS Jungkook Makes a Comeback as Bam's Dad on Instagram, Surpasses 2.5 Million Followers- ‘Maknae came home'
Jungkook, Image Credits- IMDb

Jungkook, the final member of BTS to commence his mandatory military service in South Korea, enlisted alongside fellow BTS member Jimin as part of a buddy enlistment program. Both singers, known for their hits “Promise” and “Euphoria,” joined the military together as companion soldiers, sparking anticipation for their eventual return. Fans eagerly await their comeback, which is projected to occur around June 2025.

Former BTS Member’s Heartwarming Hangout: A Surprise Reunion with 97-liners Cha Eun Woo and Lee Know

Amid Jungkook’s military enlistment, news regarding his interactions with fellow idols, particularly his same-aged friends known as the 97-liners, has been rare. Nonetheless, fans were recently delighted to receive a heartwarming update about Jungkook’s hangout session with ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo and Stray Kids’ Lee Know.

As per a netizen’s post, Cha Eun Woo and Jungkook rendezvoused at a camping-style restaurant located near military bases, including Jungkook’s, around the time of the 5th Division’s graduation.

Accompanying them was Lee Know, sparking excitement among fans who cherished this unexpected connection between the 97-liners and the Stray Kids member.

Jungkook Image Credits Variety BTS Jungkook Makes a Comeback as Bam's Dad on Instagram, Surpasses 2.5 Million Followers- ‘Maknae came home'
Jungkook, Image Credits- Variety

A post quoted by Koreaboo shared details: “I made a reservation for two people from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM on the weekend. Individual tents (for 2 to 8 people) are available, and larger groups can use the group room. There are many military bases near the campsite, so there are also many visitors. It’s said that there are many visitors during the 5th Division’s graduation ceremony. Recently, it was mentioned that Cha Eun Woo, BTS’s Jungkook, and Stray Kids’ Lee Know visited. They had their meal in Tent #2 where I also dined.”

The viral post also included a review from another netizen who visited a nearby restaurant. They shared a conversation with the owner, who expressed regret for not taking a photo with Eun Woo and Jungkook during their recent visit, assuming Lee Know was also present.

This update delighted fans, offering a glimpse into Jungkook’s current friendships and bringing joy amid his absence from the spotlight due to military service. Their excitement overflowed onto social media, with fans expressing their thrill at the news.


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