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BTS Makes History as First Foreign Act To Lead Japan’s Oricon Rankings During the Reiwa Era

BTS claimed the top spot in the artist sales category of the overall Oricon Reiwa Era Rankings, as announced by Japan’s major music recording corporation on April 21, 2021.

BTS Introduces MONOCHROME Logistics Project: Exciting Pop-Up Store for ARMY in Seoul Opens April 26 to May 12
BTS, Image Credits- Getty Images

This milestone marked the first occasion where positions above the hiragana “REIWA” were solely held by foreign artists who have made their mark in Japan.

  1. Who is the girlfriend of BTS V?

    BTS’ V, also known as Kim Taehyung, has never been in a confirmed relationship. There’s a story that before his debut, he had feelings for a girl and even considered proposing to her. However, due to various circumstances, he didn’t go through with it.

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K-pop’s Global Triumph Meets Visa Fee Hike: Challenges Ahead for International Tours

On April 21, BTS’s management company, Big Hit Music, announced this milestone, marking the first instance of a foreign artist leading the overall rankings since the Reiwa era commenced in May 2019. The rankings were determined based on total sales spanning from May 2019 to January of this year, encompassing singles, albums, music DVDs, Blu-rays, digital singles, albums, and streaming. BTS’s dominance across these formats was notable, with album sales accounting for 36.6% of their total, closely followed by music DVDs and Blu-rays at 33.8%, with streaming contributing 25%.

BTS secured the top spot among foreign artists in eight different sectors, including combined singles, albums, individual formats, and streaming. Their record-breaking album, ‘BTS, THE BEST,’ surpassed 1.05 million copies in sales, becoming the sole album by a foreign artist to achieve million-seller status in Japan during the Reiwa era.

image 15 370 jpg BTS Makes History as First Foreign Act To Lead Japan's Oricon Rankings During the Reiwa Era
BTS, Image Credits- Twitter

The surge in global enthusiasm for K-pop has translated into sold-out concerts worldwide. However, a recent decision by the US government might cast a shadow over these eagerly anticipated events.

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The fees for obtaining visas for international artists have surged dramatically, quadrupling in recent times. As we approach 2025, leading K-pop entities like HYBE are preparing for the grand return of world tours featuring artists such as BTS, NewJeans, and Seventeen. Yet, fans could encounter obstacles due to the heightened visa expenses.

Starting from April 1, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has enforced a striking 250% increase in visa fees for musicians seeking to tour the country. To illustrate, a typical rock band comprising four members could witness their visa expenses balloon from $1,840 to around $6,760. Moreover, for those unable to wait for standard approval durations, USCIS provides an expedited processing alternative, albeit at a steep cost of $2,805 per application.

BTS Introduces MONOCHROME Logistics Project: Exciting Pop-Up Store for ARMY in Seoul Opens April 26 to May 12

BTS, the internationally acclaimed powerhouse and reigning leaders of the K-pop scene, have introduced their newest endeavor, the MONOCHROME Logistics Project, eliciting immense enthusiasm from their dedicated fanbase, known as ARMY.

The group has recently disclosed intentions for an exclusive pop-up store in Seoul, South Korea, as a key component of this groundbreaking initiative. Set to commence from April 26 until May 12, the pop-up store guarantees an immersive journey for ARMY members, providing an unparalleled chance to explore BTS-themed merchandise and interactive displays.

The MONOCHROME Logistics Project continues BTS’ established legacy of engaging with their fans through inventive and heartfelt means. Serving as a focal point, the pop-up store will be a gathering place for ARMY to delve into a carefully selected array of merchandise influenced by BTS’ distinctive style and artistic vision. Featuring everything from apparel and accessories to coveted collectibles and unique collaborations, fans can anticipate a diverse assortment that encapsulates the essence of BTS’ music and individuality.

Alongside the merchandise, the pop-up store will showcase interactive installations and photo zones, providing fans with opportunities to capture unforgettable moments and share them with fellow ARMY members. These immersive encounters are designed to forge lasting memories for fans while honoring BTS’ influence on music and culture.

image 15 369 jpg BTS Makes History as First Foreign Act To Lead Japan's Oricon Rankings During the Reiwa Era
BTS, Image Credits- IMDb

On 16th April, BTS teased their intriguing new venture, igniting curiosity and excitement among fans. They unveiled a free shipping coupon, inviting fans to join the project with the added bonus of complimentary shipping. This coupon serves as a token of gratitude to ARMY for their steadfast support and enthusiasm.

Accompanying the announcement of the free shipping coupon are new OT7 pictures of BTS, showcasing the group’s unity and camaraderie. The images portray the members in a monochrome aesthetic, seamlessly aligning with the theme of the logistics project and heightening the intrigue surrounding it.

Upon visiting the MNCR Logistics site, fans are greeted with an invitation to input their details and receive an invoice for an ARMY PRIORITY SERVICE package. This package is rumored to contain a “memory cloud,” a cryptic term symbolizing the treasured memories shared between BTS and their devoted fanbase.


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