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BOE shows off its 27-inch FHD 500 Hz+ gaming display set to offer the highest refresh rate ever seen on any display

Large-scale, high-resolution, and high refresh rate monitors have drawn the attention of prominent manufacturers, and semiconductor display performance is experiencing an innovation boost, thanks to the growing demand for viewing display progression and live broadcast of extensive and important events. The array driver technology is becoming increasingly important in the display technology business.

BOE Innovation Exchange has announced a significant advancement in oxide semiconductor display technology.

BOE is now the industry leader in display technology innovations, including the oxide semiconductor display market. The company has also solved industry challenges such as copper (Cu) being easy to oxidize, diffuse, drill, and etch, allowing them to lead the market in the high-volume manufacture of copper interconnect stack structures.

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On their website, BOE announces the development of a 27-inch display with full high-definition (FHD) and a startling 500 Hz+ display. The company is the first to create a monitor with such a high refresh rate for home or industrial use.

With the addition of oxide display technology to help enhance refresh rates, resolutions, and power consumption, this display is intended to provide an exceptional experience for consumers looking for the best in entertainment viewing.

Oxide semiconductor display technology has the advantages of high mobility, low off-state current, simple process technology, and large size, which can meet the dual needs of future product quality improvement and energy consumption reduction, and has become an inevitable trend in technology and market development. . However, in the industrial application of oxide technology, the instability of traditional oxide thin film microstructures such as device performance degradation under bias stress, illumination, and high current, as well as the matching problem of copper process and oxide process, are urgently needed for semiconductors. Shows common problems solved by the industry.

Consumers have demonstrated that there is no discernible difference between 4K and 8K resolutions. The real question is whether people will be able to see the new displays and technology’s capabilities. Also, what price will be demanded a premium display such as BOE’s offering, given its remarkable refresh rate of 500 Hz+?

For the time being, no price or release date for the new FHD display has been announced, or it will just be available in Chinese markets.

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