Thursday, March 23, 2023
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BOE demos the world’s first 600Hz display at the World Display Industry

BOE displayed a variety of new products under development at the World Display Industry Conference in China, including a 16-inch notebook display with a maximum refresh rate of 600Hz. At the time, details are scant, with BOE refusing to reveal the type of LCD panel utilised (TN, IPS, or VA) or its resolution.

BOE’s new panel offers a greater refresh rate than any consumer display currently on the market. Alienware debuted a handful of new gaming laptops with 480Hz displays earlier this year, while many other notebooks top out at “just” 360Hz. In terms of monitors, Asus and Nvidia announced a device capable of hitting 500Hz at Computex, although it appears that it is still not for sale.

The 600Hz display was demonstrated by BOE in an undisclosed notebook paired with an AMD Ryzen processor and an Nvidia RTX GPU. The screen is definitely intended towards competitive gamers who prefer games like CS:GO, Valorant, and Overwatch 2.

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Coincidentally, the latter’s frame rate was just increased to 600fps. Next-generation mobile GPUs should also make it easier to achieve such high framerates, particularly if customers are willing to drop the graphical settings.

It remains to be seen whether the pixel reaction times can keep up with such a high refresh rate, and, more importantly, whether users would detect any difference. By increasing the refresh rate of the screen from 60Hz to 120Hz, you can reduce the duration between displayed frames by around 8.3ms. Moving from 300Hz (3.3ms/frame) to 600Hz (1.6ms/frame) will only result in a 1.6ms improvement, about five times less, indicating a case of diminishing returns.

BOE also demonstrated an 86-inch Mini LED TV panel with a maximum brightness of 1,500 nits and 2,000 dimming zones at the same event. Foldable OLED panels made an appearance as well, including a 17-inch screen that is already used in some Asus notebooks, a panel that can fold both ways, and a Z-shaped tri-fold display.

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