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BGMI PRO SERIES 2023 Finale kicks off in Ahmedabad

The city of Ahmedabad played host to its inaugural LAN Esports event, the BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA PRO SERIES (BMPS) 2023 grand finale. The top 16 BGMI teams from all around the nation convened at the EKA Arena to compete for a staggering prize pool of INR 1 crore.

BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA PRO SERIES 2023 Finale kicks off in Ahmedabad

The first day of the event was nothing short of extraordinary, with the arena’s atmosphere electrified by the cheers and applause of eager spectators. The trophy was unveiled, and the battle commenced with six thrilling matches between seasoned teams.

Those unable to attend in person had the opportunity to tune into the live stream via the KRAFTON INDIA ESPORTS YouTube Channel and Loco, an eSports and live streaming platform, available in both English and Hindi.

Reflecting on the successful start to the event, Sean Hyunil Sohn, CEO of KRAFTON India, shared his enthusiasm. He stated, “BMPS 2023 has kicked off with an impressive start and is shaping up to be an unparalleled display of talent and competition. It’s heartening to witness the passion and excitement of our fans in Ahmedabad, who have shown up in huge numbers to support their favourite teams. We are dedicated to nurturing India’s gaming community and eagerly anticipate the showdown of skill, strategy, and determination that the next two days promise.”

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With over 6,000 spectators gathered in attendance, Day 1 saw Team Entity edge ahead of the competition with 75 points on the scoreboard. 

Rankings as of Day 1:

 1ENT 75
 2BLIND 66
 3TX 64
 4GLITCH 1 60
 6GDR 1 55
 78BITCS 1 51
 8RNT 46
 9NUMEN 1 44
 10HYDRA 1 43
 11GENXFM 33
 12PSY 29
 13SOUL 27
 14GS 26
 15TTE 21
 16ABZ 17

Day 2 and Day 3 promise to be nail-biters as the competition grows more fierce and the teams battle it out for the ultimate chicken dinner

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Don’t miss out on this historic event! Join us at EKA Arena, Kankaria in Ahmedabad as we continue to witness the unfolding of the BGMI PRO SERIES 2023 finale.


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