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BGMI latest Update and its possible India return

The potential return of the title is one of the things in which the BGMI community is interested. For the fans, the past few months have been extremely hectic as rumours of its unban gained momentum. The excitement among the fans was undoubtedly increased by a recent report from a reputable media outlet, but there has been no official confirmation as of yet.

Previously, we observed well-known people making audacious claims regarding the potential return of BGMI. This time, a different member of the community voiced his opinions regarding the current state of affairs. Katrik Sabherwal, the owner of Upthrust Esports, which was recently featured in Shark Rank, is also aware that the game will soon be returning.

Owner of Upthrust Esports, Kartik Sabherwal, responded to the current circumstance in a recent interview.

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credit: bgmi

He also discussed the possibility of underdogs moving forward and the rumours that BGMI may be unbanned.

News gamers should not lose hope. They should continue grinding. Upthrust Esports will give its level best to provide opportunities for underdogs. Gamers should have dedication and grind. I am not telling them to play the game all the time. The dedication should be there whenever they play and they should also have the patience to reach where they want to be.  “

BGMI, developed by KRAFTON, has not yet provided a date for when it will be unbanned. The ones I just mentioned are merely reports. Therefore, players should hold off until the official announcement from KRAFTON or the Indian government.

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