Thursday, February 2, 2023

Between Samsung and China’s BOE, a deal for OLED panels has been cancelled

Longtime client of China’s BOE supplier, Samsung, a Korean technology behemoth, has been buying OLED and LCD panels. They reached an understanding that was easy to implement and enjoyable.

The BOE-supplied panels were utilised by TV and cell phone manufacturers. The most recent data indicates that Samsung is no longer interested in buying the OLED panels supplied by the BOE. The deal reached by the two companies will reportedly be cancelled starting in 2023.

Samsung and China’s BOE Cancellation details

Samsung removed BOE from its official supplier list, according to a list TheElec obtained, so the company will no longer be buying products from the Chinese manufacturer. The recent BOE royalty payment issues are what led to this.


Reports state that BOE rejected the South Korean company’s request for royalties for using the their name in its marketing. It has since stopped buying as many display panels from BOE.

They have made use of the panels provided by the BOE in their smartphones and other products. It has since been made clear that BOE is no longer included in the brand’s official list of suppliers, which it previously concealed.

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