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Best wireless chargers for smartphones

Wireless chargers are practical home accessories that allow you to charge your phone without needing to plug it in. Your phone can be wirelessly charged by simply placing it on a charging station. Although using a wireless charger is more convenient than using a cable one, wireless charging is slower. Finding the best wireless charger for your phone can be challenging because they come in a variety of models, designs, and charging capacities. If you’re seeking to purchase one, we’ve put together a useful guide with the top 4 wireless charging pads in India.

Spigen 3-in-1 wireless charger

If you are a traveller and always go out for trips, then look out for something like this. The Spigen 10,000mAh wireless charger isn’t exactly a wireless charging pad, but rather a wireless charging power bank. However, you can keep it on the desk while it charges and also place your phone on it. That way, both your phone and wireless power bank are full of juice. Next time you are going on a trip either take only the power bank or take both and use them as a wireless charging pad. It supports up to 20W wireless fast charging speed and comes with BIS certification. It is priced at Rs. 2,599.

Bluei Air Charger

It’s time to say goodbye to Tangled Wires, as Bluei accessories brand, has its very stylish ‘Air’ Wireless Charging Pad. The 20W fast wireless charging supports all Android and iOS wireless charging devices. The charging pad charges much faster than the other alternatives in the market. With a 20W output, the charger delivers power quickly and smoothly to your smartphone without sacrificing speed compared to a wired charger. The charger sensor supports multiple protection for extra safety, including automatic temperature control and input overvoltage protection that ensures the security of your smartphone.

pTron wireless charger

If you are looking for a budget wireless charger, the pTron high-speed wireless charger can be a great choice for you. This 15W wireless charger comes with a 3.9ft long Type-C cable to charge your devices. It comes in black colour with an attractive LED indicator ring. There are safety features like Low Temperature and Over Voltage Protection. You can enjoy full charging speed even with a case of up to 8mm thickness.

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Anker Powerwave Charging Pad

Ankers Powerwave Pad is another wireless charging pad for Android and iPhones. It comes with a max of 10W charging speed and has an LED indicator for showing the charge and discharge status. It has features like temperature control and radiation shielding. It can charge iPhones at 7.5W speed and some flagship Android phones at 10W speed. It is priced at Rs. 1,899 on Amazon.

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