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Best OxygenOS 15 Features You Could Expect

OxygenOS has been a subject of controversy among some Android users in recent years, but it continues to be a suitable Android skin. However, some people feel it has lost some of the unique appeal it once had. Although OxygenOS 14 based on Android 14 introduces so many excellent features, one can still wish for a few things at times. OnePlus’ mobile operating system, OxygenOS 15, has the wishlist of several features.

Best OxygenOS 15 Features

Improved Media Player

OxygenOS 15

When one transitions from a Pixel to another phone, one thing often feels like a downgrade: the media player. It genuinely bothers him how Pixel UI’s lovely and fluid media player is the easy-to-use Music app available on one’s new OnePlus. An updated design that integrates seamlessly with the UI, featuring thumbnails, playback controls, and a seek bar, would enhance the overall user experience.

Customizable Alert Slider

image 15 131 jpg Best OxygenOS 15 Features You Could Expect

OnePlus’ signature Alert Slider offers easy switching of sound profile, but its function has not changed over the years. While it is not known how easy or difficult it would be to allow remapping of the Alert Slider, such as normal/high-performance mode, or DND and Ring day, it should be possible for the users.

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Lockscreen Widgets

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Another priority would be adding lockscreen widgets to OxygenOS. Even though it is unknown how exactly it could be done, a simple manner of adding existing widgets and gradually expanding the selection would provide a lot of customization without overloading the lockscreen.

Revamped Quick Settings

image 15 133 jpg Best OxygenOS 15 Features You Could Expect

Finally, the Quick Settings panel needs to be streamlined and customized. The critical aesthetics changes would include the use of color of the wallpaper, improved icon placement, as well as less blurriness.

Pixel-like Now Playing Feature

image 15 134 jpg Best OxygenOS 15 Features You Could Expect

Incorporating a Now Playing-like feature that detects ambient music and displays song information on the Always-On Display or in notifications would enhance user convenience and replicate a beloved Pixel feature.

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Desktop Mode

image 15 136 jpg Best OxygenOS 15 Features You Could Expect

With the rise of desktop mode features like Samsung DeX, OnePlus should explore implementing a desktop mode in OxygenOS to provide users with a versatile computing experience.

AI Features

image 15 135 jpg Best OxygenOS 15 Features You Could Expect

Leveraging AI capabilities, OnePlus can introduce features like on-device video boost processing, AI-generated wallpapers, and generative fill for images, enhancing user interaction and device functionality.


  1. Why is OxygenOS 15 important for OnePlus users?

    OxygenOS 15 is crucial for OnePlus users as it presents an opportunity for the brand to address user feedback and enhance the overall user experience.

  2. When can users expect OxygenOS 15 to be released?

    While specific release dates have not been announced, OnePlus typically unveils major updates annually. Users can anticipate further details closer to the official announcement from OnePlus.


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