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Battlefield 2042 Season 3 Spearhead Map revealed

Players of Battlefield 2042 were given a fresh peek at the game’s upcoming Season 3 map, Spearhead. This map, which is set in Sweden, is a novelty for the Battlefield series and features both large outdoor battlegrounds and automated production complexes for players to move through. Players will soon be able to directly experience this map and the rest of the Season 3 contents because Season 3 is set to debut on November 22nd featuring this map and more.

The trailer from Electronic Arts below for the upcoming Battlefield 2042 season, which is titled Season 3: Escalation, was released this week.

credit: wccftech

This map is a “CQC-focused map,” according per EA, in contrast to some of the other ones in Battlefield 2042 which are extremely huge and frequently include fighting in wide, open spaces. Although it’s still large, the maze-like exteriors and the bustling innards, “featuring two fully automated megafactories,” should allow for a slightly closer fight that players have requested.

“Call the shots with Battlefield 2042 – Season 3: Escalation. Come face to face with the enemy and dominate ground warfare with the new technological weaponry, a new railgun tank, and Vault weapons. Deploy as new Specialist Zain and flush out your enemies with his teamwork skills, XM370A semi-automatic airburst rifle, and faster health recharge upon a kill. Gain an edge with new railgun tech in the EMKV90-TOR tank and Rorsch Mk-4 Railgun, and give the enemy both barrels – simultaneously – with the high powered NVK-S22 Smart Shotgun.”

The yearly structure of Battlefield 2042 took some time to establish, but now that Season 3 is almost through, it feels like things are finally going along at a more palatable pace. The release of Call of Duty: Warzone 2 only this week and the start of the game’s upcoming season coincide, so it appears the two brands will soon be at odds once more.

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