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Ayaneo Next Lite Releasing In 2024: First Steam Deck Competitor

Ayaneo Next Lite is the new announcement by Ayaneo which is famous for making handheld PCs. Yes, you heard it right, now with your own handheld PC, you can enjoy your favourite games too.

If you want to know more about the device, then you have landed on the right page. In this article, we will be discussing Ayaneo Next Lite and what you can expect from the device. So, without beating around the bush, let’s dig in.

Ayaneo Next Lite

Ayaneo Next Lite In 2024

As you have already heard Ayaneo is a company best known for its slew of handheld gaming PCs. Now, recently it has announced its latest entry, Ayaneo Next Lite, which will be another portable gaming PC.

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It will run on a custom operating system that looks almost similar to SteamOS. The company even announced previously that it would come with preinstalled SteamOS. However, now it has changed the official statement, saying it will be a clone of SteamOS.

Ayaneo announced the new product in a press release and revealed that the device will be a “value for money option”. According to the company in the press release, Ayaneo Next Lite is perfect for those players who want to own a specific Steam Deck device.

WhatsApp Image 2024 01 14 at 22.39.36 1 Ayaneo Next Lite Releasing In 2024: First Steam Deck Competitor

But they can’t due to any reasons or even because of the price of Valve for Steam Deck. The price of Ayaneo Next Lite is $299, which is way less than that of Steam Deck. This piece of information has come down after the window for pre–order has been opened.

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This information contains the changed name for the operating system, changing from SteamOS to a clone of SteamOS. In this interesting episode, in the original blog post, it was mentioned that Ayaneo Next Lite will come with SteamOS preinstalled.

However, in the press release, it is mentioned that Ayaneo Next Lite will come with HoloSO preinstalled which is close to SteamOS.

Well, this is a major change, which indicates various things. However, what is worth mentioning here are the details of the Ayaneo Next Lite. It will have a 7-inch 800p IPS display and a 47W battery. Hence, it is confirmed that it will use Hall Effect joysticks.

Also Ayaneo Next Lite will feature an AMD CPU, particularly from the Ryzen 4000U series, with almost 4-year-old processors. Considering the price range, using older specs is not at all surprising.

The announcement for Ayaneo Next Lite was made in the week of CES 2024 where other huge announcements were also made. That’s all we know about the Ayaneo Next Lite, for now, to know more stay tuned with us.


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