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ASUS ProArt Mouse MD300 review: Innovative, but worth it?

Asus has established itself as a reputable brand in the productivity-class laptop market, specifically targeting professionals engaged in content creation with their ProArt series of laptops, motherboards, and accessories. They are typically targeted towards professionals who love doing skilful work all day and get the best out of their devices, so reliability is what ASUS wants to show from its new ProArt series.

One of their latest offerings is the ProArt Mouse MD300, a high-end wireless mouse designed to enhance the creative workflow. Priced at ₹8,499 on Amazon, this mouse stands out with its unique features and functionality. The premium mouse market has been dominated by Logitech undoubtedly and now with ASUS’s entry, let’s see whether this new ProArt Mouse can compete against the Master Series of Logitech:

ASUS ProArt Mouse MD300 review: Innovative, but worth it?

ASUS ProArt Mouse MD300 Specifications

  • The First ASUS mouse with dial design: Intuitive and faster user experience through rotating and clicking both programmable dial and side scroll, which helps meet each creator’s needs.
  • Independent Middle Button: A large, independent middle key with an changeable integrated gaming-graded switch. The key is rated to up to 50 million clicks and provides the same solid feel for both left- and right-side clicks.
  • Precise Sensor: Premium sensor to ensure smooth functionality on any surfaces– even on glass. Fast 4200 dpi tracking makes it ideal for effortless, accurate and lag-free creativity.
  • Quick-Charging: ProArt Mouse features best-in-class fast charging and superb tracking performance. It offers fast, 1-minute charging for up to 8 hours of battery life – where a full charge lasts up to 150 days.
  • Multi-Device Connect: Connect up to 3 devices for easy multitasking.
  • Replaceable Gaming Grade Switch: 50 million clicks micro switches extending the life of mouse.
  • Aesthetics & Ergonomics: Ergonomic and elegant silhouette provides a comfortable grip.
  • Customize: Define your own mouse via Armoury Crate.

Comfort & Ergonomics

First and foremost, the Asus ProArt Mouse MD300 provides a practical and ergonomic design, acknowledging the need for a dedicated mouse for serious work. Whether it’s editing photos and videos or working extensively with spreadsheets, this wireless mouse proves to be a reliable tool for efficient productivity. It aligns well with the preferences of right-handed users, with its button and scroll wheel layout. However, left-handed users may need some time to adjust to its design.

If you are having been using a mouse with a bigger hand ratio, like the Logitech Master Series, this Asus ProArt Mouse MD300 could cause some pain, this mouse is a tapered one. So, you have to keep your hands above all times which is good for efficiency and not comfort, previously I used such a mouse but having been accustomed to the Logitech ones, adapting this one can be a difficult task for some people like me.

ASUS ProArt Mouse MD300 review: Innovative, but worth it?

Asus Dial – Worth it?

What sets the Asus ProArt Mouse MD300 apart is its inclusion of three scroll wheels, including two vertical and one horizontal wheel. Video editors, in particular, will appreciate the seamless experience this mouse offers when scrubbing through video projects on software like Adobe Premiere. The additional scroll wheel, called the Asus Dial, adds a touch of resistance to prevent accidental scrolling while maintaining smooth functionality.

While this new concept is very useful though but the response of the scroll of the primary scroller is not very good, its ok-ish, but the Asus Dial at the side has better scroll performance.

ASUS ProArt Mouse MD300 review: Innovative, but worth it?


Another notable feature is the multi-device connectivity of the Asus ProArt Mouse MD300. It allows users to pair the mouse with up to three devices and effortlessly switch between them with a simple click. This versatility is particularly beneficial for individuals who work with multiple computers, be it Windows, Linux, Mac, iPad, or Android devices. The mouse delivers a seamless performance across various platforms.


Customization options are also available through the Armoury Crate app, which can be downloaded on Windows laptops. This app enables users to personalize the mouse further and reprogram its buttons according to their preferences. Although installation on third-party machines may take some time, it provides a convenient way to tailor the mouse to individual needs.

Battery Life

The Asus ProArt Mouse MD300 features a built-in rechargeable battery, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements. With a single charge lasting for an extended period, users can go several months before needing to recharge the mouse. Additionally, the front-facing charging port allows for uninterrupted usage while the mouse is being charged.


In conclusion, the ProArt Mouse MD300 by Asus offers flexibility and advanced features catered to a specific group of users. Windows creative professionals who primarily work with Adobe Creative Suite, prefer a rotating controller over traditional clicking, and prioritize customized productivity would find value in this mouse.

However, the price point should be taken into consideration, as the listed price of ₹8,499 may deter some potential buyers and for the quality the price should have been cheaper. While the Asus Dial UI holds appeal, the current limitations in features and compatibility may not justify the higher cost for most users. Nevertheless, for those whose work revolves around Creative Suite applications, the ProArt Mouse MD300 could become an indispensable tool.

Buy from Amazon India: https://amzn.to/3J20ORk

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