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Apple Watch Ultra: microLED Technology Faces Major Setback, Launch Uncertain

The anticipated upgrade for the next iteration of the Apple Watch Ultra was expected to involve a shift to microLED technology. Recently, there’s been news from a supplier hinting that Apple’s plans for their microLED device might hit some roadblocks. It seems like the timeline for introducing this device could be pushed back further than expected by the company.

Apple Watch Ultra

All You Need to Know About Apple Watch Ultra and microLED

Osram AG put out a statement discussing how they are reassessing their strategy for microLED technology after a key project in their program was unexpectedly terminated. While they didn’t directly mention the Apple Watch Ultra in their statement the significant drop in their share price by 40% following the announcement suggests that there could be an impact on their earnings tied to the production of microLED panels.

image 2 55 jpg Apple Watch Ultra: microLED Technology Faces Major Setback, Launch Uncertain

Based on information shared with MacRumors by Counterpoint Research Display Supply Chain Consultants it is believed that issues like production yields and high manufacturing costs related to microLED technology may have led to the cancellation of the microLED Apple Watch Ultra. Estimates show that producing microLED panels costs around three times more than screens. If Apple had gone ahead with these panels for the watch it’s unlikely they could have kept the price similar to the previous model.

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It’s unclear, at this point whether Apple will search for another supplier for microLED technology or if they will change course entirely and stick with screens for their model. Although they built a facility in Malaysia for $1.41 billion to manufacture these screens in quantities it seems that the original plan did not come to fruition.

image 2 56 jpg Apple Watch Ultra: microLED Technology Faces Major Setback, Launch Uncertain

Considering the time-consuming process of identifying a new supplier, establishing a factory, and evaluating microLED samples, it is probable that the third iteration of the Apple Watch Ultra will stick with OLED technology. Moreover, the industry’s lack of fervour for a microLED Apple Watch Ultra, coupled with the considerable costs and challenges associated with the technology, may outweigh any potential benefits.


  1. <strong>Why did the microLED implementation for the next Apple Watch Ultra face setbacks?</strong>

    Challenges such as low production yields and high manufacturing costs are the main reasons.

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  2. <strong>Will Apple switch to another microLED supplier or stick with OLED screens for the upcoming Apple Watch Ultra?</strong>

    It’s uncertain. Apple may explore alternatives based on factors like production feasibility and cost.


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