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Apple is reportedly working on an OLED MacBook Air 

LG Display is rumoured to be working on the development of OLED displays for both of the upcoming iPad Pro models in 11 and 13-inch screen sizes. However, the company does not have sufficient production capacity for the MacBook Air, which is why Apple decided to go with Samsung for the device instead.

It has been reported that Samsung Display is working on an OLED display with a screen size of 11 inches for a future iPad model that is scheduled for release in the following year. This leads one to believe that Samsung Display could steal some of LG’s orders for the 11-inch iPad Pro.

Apple is reportedly working on an OLED MacBook Air 

Everything about Apple’s New Display Technology!

It appears that Apple intends to roll out new models of the iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air, all of which will feature OLED panels in the near future. Due to the length of time, it takes Apple to develop new products, The Elec is unable to speculate on when the OLED MacBook Air will be commercially available, but they believe it will be within the next two years. Display expert Ross Young has stated in the past that he anticipates the introduction of a MacBook Air equipped with an OLED display as early as the year 2024.

2 83 Apple is reportedly working on an OLED MacBook Air 

It is assumed that Apple initially wanted Samsung Display to provide a 10.86-inch OLED panel for a future iPad Air model, which would have been its first OLED iPad. However, the project was scrapped due to issues with the price and quantity of the single stack panel, as well as concerns about the need to differentiate the iPad Air from the iPad Pro.

3 83 Apple is reportedly working on an OLED MacBook Air 

According to recent reports, Apple has reportedly made the transition to a more dependable two-stack OLED display, which is anticipated to make its debut on the iPad Pro in the following year. The Source further claims that the attempt to build an OLED panel measuring 13.3 inches in size for a MacBook Air is also functioning as a test for the mass production of OLED panels for the next variants of the MacBook Pro.

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