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“Apex Legends Mobile”: This Game First launched on Limited Regions Before Global Release

Apex Legends is one of the most awaited battle royale games to be available among people and now it has generally been played either on the console or a PC. Now the developers of the game have been decided to drop the game for the fast-growing smartphone gaming community currently. Now Apex Legends  Mobile also has been under the Beta testing condition for the longest time and also there are the developers who are taking their time to flesh out the game and also give the people long with the fresh final product.

Apex Legends Mobile

Recently, it has been announced that Apex Legends Mobile developers have aimed that the game has been progressing on to the next stage of development. In the last update, it is stated that Apex Legends Mobile also will be passed through the limited release in the 10 select regions. It seems that the move will also allow the game to come to an even huge audience and also realize the obstacles and problems that also could be mainly set to occur in the game for working them out.

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Apex Legends Mobile is now moving forward with the players in the 10 countries to test out the game to the full extent and give the honest feedback that turns and helps the game to develop better. Now the players from the selected regions have just been needing to sign up for the game on either   Google Play Store or Apple App Store for getting it on their smartphones. Apex Legends Mobile also has been set to release with a series of FAQs with the help of the players to understand the important details like what are the select regions and what are the appropriate setup requirements and more.

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Here is Apex Legends  Mobile Requirement:

Apex Legends Mobile:  Regions will get Limited Release

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Indonesia
  • Mexico
  • Peru
  • Argentina
  • Colombia
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Apex Legends Mobile:  Legends Name

The gamers will be able to play Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Wraith, Bangalore, Octane,  Mirage, Pathfinder, and caustic other than that there are also some of the latest and interesting features and systems that also will be available for testing.

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Apex Legends Mobile:  Global Availability

After completing the testing of the limited release and all the bugs, kinks, and problems that have been worked on, Apex Legends Mobile: developers also will give the people many updates and global launch information.

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Apex Legends Mobile:  Cross-Platform Support with Console or PC

The answer is no as Apex Legends Mobile has been exclusively on to the gaming platform and the players would not be able to collaborate with their friends on the console or PC mode of the game via Apex Legends Mobile.

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Apex Legends Mobile: Smartphones able to play the Game Smoothly

In the testing condition, the developers have been optimized the game for running on a variety of android and iOS devices. In the limited release test, the developers also have been mentioned that the game would need a minimum of 2 GB RAM   from iOS gadgets and 3GB RAM  from Android devices to run smoothly. We have made  a list of  smartphones brands  that Apex Legends Mobile has been mentioned for the most suitable experience  of the game:

  • Vivo
  • Oppo
  • Huawei
  • Motorola
  • Samsung
  • Lenovo
  • Xiaomi
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Apex Legends Mobile:  System Requirements

It seems that the system requirements of the game is vary based on the players and devices by using iOS and Android devices also have been separated with the set to requirements.  Here are the specifications need for the game:


  • Android 8.1
  • Open GL 3.0 or higher
  • 3 GN fee space
  • At least 3 GB RAM
  • Screens  size: N/L/XL


  • iPhone 6S or later
  • OS version: 10.0 or later
  • CPU: A9
  • 3 GB free space
  • Minimum 2GB RAM

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