Android 12 OS might include iPhone’s Back Tap feature

Android 12 OS might include iPhone's Back Tap feature

After getting huge success through Android 11 OS, Android v12 is knocking on the door as it is expected to be available after certain months. This version of 12 will arrive with some of the exciting features, such as Add Pairs (a new form of split-screen mode). Another interesting feature that Android 12 is going to have is iPhone’s Back Tap feature (double-taps on its rear panel to open shortcuts). Generally, we see iOS is borrowing features from Android. But this time, it looks to get swapped for the first time.

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In the current version of iOS, there is an interesting feature called Back Tap, by which the user can double-tap on the rear panel of the iPhone to take a screenshot. For comparison, Android has some other process to take a screenshot (screen swiping or power button+Down volume button). The double-tap feature on the rear panel was first introduced to replace the Active Edge feature that we’ve seen in the Google Pixel series. But, unfortunately, this feature dropped from the Pixel 4a onwards.

iOS 14 allows users to tap on the iPhone back to lock the device, take  screenshots, go to Home ...
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Regarding the Android 12 update, the beta version of v12 is at about six months away to get reached to its users. As earlier mentioned, there will be another interesting feature App Pairs, basically an updated form of a split-screen feature allowing 2 apps to share a display. For example, you can use Chrome to pair with Google Maps to search for a specific location. Through Android 12, Google might allow more access to sources of apps that are not the Play Store.

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