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MSI demonstrates how to install AMD’s Ryzen 7000 Zen 4 CPUs into the new AM5 Socket

AMD recently at Computex 2022 formally launched their much-anticipated Ryzen 7000 (Raphael) processors after months of speculation and leaks. MSI has produced a video instruction on one of its YouTube channels detailing how simple it is to install the Zen 4 processor into the new AM5 socket, following the announcement.

In contrast to the standard black socket cover, MSI’s video shows a translucent cover over the AM5 socket. It’s too early to determine whether this is the new AMD motherboard standard or if MSI simply chose a transparent cover. The AM5 socket is identical in architecture to Intel’s LGA115x socket, therefore Intel processor users will be familiar with the installation method. Consumers who have never bought an Intel processor before can benefit from MSI’s lesson.

The operation begins by lowering the lever to release the load plate. After that, using your thumb and index fingers, lift the AM5 chip, align the two-socket notches (one on each side), and gently lower the processor into the socket.

AMD has now switched to an LGA (Land Grid Array) design for AM5, rather than the PGA (Pin Grid Array) design it has been using for its mainstream platforms for years. Because the pins are now within the socket, Zen 4 processors will feature contacts rather than pins.

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Ryzen 7000 Zen 4 owners won’t have to worry about bending the chip’s pins, but they’ll still need to be cautious while inserting the processor into the socket

While some people dislike having the pins on the processor, we’ve discovered that a bent pin on the chip is easier to straighten than a bent pin in the socket. The quirky cutaway design is another unique feature of Zen 4 processors.

The two notches are a welcome innovation, as they will prevent inexperienced users from installing the processor incorrectly. To indicate the right position, previous AM4 CPUs only have a little triangle on one of the corners. On the motherboard, there was another small triangle symbol that needed to be aligned.

The AM5 socket contains 1,718 pins, just 18 more than Intel’s current LGA1700 socket for 12th Generation Alder Lake and planned 13th Generation Raptor Lake processors. However, unlike Intel, AMD’s AM5 socket does not feature a capacitor cutout. The AM5 socket with 1,718 pins is fully exposed in the YouTube video. The back of a Zen 4 chip can be seen above, with simply the contacts and no capacitors.

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Lower the load plate and return the socket lever to its original position once the CPU is securely installed in the socket. During this operation, the processor lid will pop off by itself. In its tutorial, MSI employs the AMD Wraith Prism cooler, implying that AMD did not alter its stock coolers.

Despite Zen 4 and the AM5 socket’s drastic transformations, the latter still supports the AM4 cooler. Because AM5 only supports DDR5 memory, which is expensive, it’s a little consolation prize for AMD customers who can recycle their coolers.

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