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AMD A620 motherboards are here but without 65W+ CPU support

AMD has oddly chosen to launch its budget-friendly A620 motherboards in a very low-key manner, burying the news of its announcement late on a Friday night. However, the company has now given us the complete information and slide deck about its new line of budget-friendly motherboards.

Since none of the Ryzen 7000 X-series processors is guaranteed to be fully supported by default, the motherboards will not by default support the entire range of Ryzen 7000 processors at their full power levels. In exchange for a lower price, these boards also do away with some of the more pricey AM5 motherboard features, such as overclocking and faster USB connectivity.

Despite the fact that AMD’s Ryzen 7000 series currently sits atop our list of the best CPUs for gaming, the AM5 motherboard platform and necessary DDR5 memory have a reputation for being exorbitantly expensive. AMD even recently offered a promotion in which you could save up to $125 if you bought a chip, motherboard, and memory, but that deal is no longer valid.

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A620 motherboards
credit: AMD

At least one motherboard for AMD’s low-cost A620 motherboards will retail for $85 as a result of the timely release, but early signs point to several new boards costing more than $100.

This means that the A620 motherboards lineup as a whole will probably cost more than anticipated as well.

As well as ASUS, which announced EU pricing for three of its motherboards with conversion to USD netting prices of $151, $161, and $183, ASRock has one board for $85 and another for $99 on the market. That’s higher than what we anticipate for boards in the lower price range with fewer features.

AMD A620 motherboards is here but without 65W-Plus CPU support

Every Ryzen 7000 model is intended to be supported by AMD’s B-series motherboards at its full TDP range, which can occasionally produce boards that seem absurdly overpowered for the less expensive chips. Due to the superior performance and backward compatibility, this produces, B-series motherboard prices are higher than those of Intel’s rival chipsets.

Contrarily, Intel does not mandate that B-series motherboards support the full peak power limits of its more power-hungry high-end chips. As a result, vendors are free to reduce the amount of power delivery (VRMs, etc.) to lower prices. Naturally, this causes the most advanced Intel chips on its budget boards to perform less well.

AMD A620 motherboards is here but without 65W-Plus CPU support

With AM5, AMD is currently adopting a similar strategy. Models with an 88W peak power consumption are compatible with the A620 motherboards because they are made to support chips with a 65W TDP (PPT). Although the A620 motherboard specification at its core allows for a peak power delivery of 88W, motherboard manufacturers have the option to produce more expensive models that support higher power levels.

If the BIOS supports it, you can install chips with higher TDP ratings in those base models and A620 motherboards will still function, but they won’t operate at their full peak power consumption (PPT).

Due to VRM restrictions on some boards, the fastest chips will experience some performance degradation in heavily threaded applications, but AMD anticipates that gaming will not be significantly impacted by the reduced power delivery.

Although this strategy deviates from AMD’s current AM5 policy, it largely makes sense. This category of lower-end motherboards doesn’t work well with higher-end chips, and the lower power delivery will ultimately result in lower prices for entry-level builds. If users want support for an X-series chip to operate at its full TDP, they can choose to upgrade to more expensive A620 models.

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