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Indian Authorities’ “Blockchain Not Crypto Statement” Distract Investors

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Decisions on cryptocurrency regulation made by the Indian government recently foreshadow trouble for the developing but rapidly growing digital currency market in India.

On April 7, Coinbase announced that Indian investors will be able to send cash to its Indian exchange via the country’s popular online payment system, UPI. An effective exchange in the world’s biggest online market has been operationalized by this announcement.

Nowadays in terms of crypto regulation and new laws, the Indian government is taking steps. The new tax rules in India are putting a strain on the country’s crypto companies since the trade volume has decreased and many established crypto firms are considering relocating to a jurisdiction that is more favorable to crypto.

There are other nations in the industrialized world and even those in Asia that are actively investigating and developing stronger crypto rules, but the Indian government has remained steadfast in its position. Because of that, some analysts predict that this may have a drastic effect on the sentiments of Indian crypto investors. 

The government may seem to be taking a cautious approach by concentrating on the underlying technology while avoiding the unpredictable and hazardous cryptocurrency market. However, based on previous actions and remarks from the finance minister and members of parliament, the problem seems to be more of a lack of comprehension.

Crypto Laws – New Approach To Financial Market

As time goes by, the crypto market and trading becomes more and more popular among Indian investors. There have been demands for industry regulation after the meteoric rise of cryptocurrency in India. For a long time, the crypto industry has aspired to operate in a climate that was regulated by well-defined rules and policies.

Experts claim that once the new tax laws took effect on April 1st, trading activity on Indian exchanges dropped significantly. Four prominent exchanges’ volume graphs were tweeted, showing a huge drop. It should be stated that crypto regulations can have a dramatic effect on the crypto-related sectors. As a result of the new tax laws, crypto betting in India started to decrease, as gamblers aren’t able to get the most out of their betting process anymore. However, crypto companies in response to that reaction started to furnish the customers with additional promotions and sophisticated services. 

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Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman declared a flat tax of 30 percent on crypto income or digital asset investments in her Budget address on March 28. Investors can’t use profits from one deal to offset losses from another, as the government later confirmed. As a result, the number of investors who are investing money in digital assets in India started to decrease. 

Laurel Loomis Rimon, a lawyer and crypto specialist at Paul Hastings LLP, says that international regulators acknowledge legitimate applications for cryptocurrencies and are drafting norms that governments may use as guides for regulating the industry. Delhi has instead built a complex regulatory structure that fails to address fundamental issues, such as whether or not bitcoin trading is allowed in India. Because of that investors are distracted and they cannot get what can be counted as illegal or legal when it comes to digital coin trading. 

According to crypto-exchange executives and tax experts, the TDS will force high-frequency traders to drastically reduce their trading activity. This is the worst-case scenario for the cryptocurrency business according to India’s largest crypto exchange’s chief executive officer Nischal Shetty.

It is worth noting that India and cryptocurrencies in terms of regulations have a long history. All crypto trading was virtually outlawed in India in 2018, with banks being instructed not to assist consumers in converting digital currencies. In 2020, the Supreme Court lifted the prohibition on crypto, but the government, headed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), made no secret of its displeasure. Cryptocurrency poses a threat to India’s economic stability and facilitates terrorist funding and money laundering, according to top authorities.

That’s why they decided to exclude crypto trading first. Because of the crypto market’s decentralized characteristics, it’s quite hard to regulate the trading process. This can be one of the rational reasons why Indian authorities didn’t mention anything about the trading process in their new laws. 

The Effect Of Laws On Crypto trading In India

The news laws and regulations about crypto trading, of course, still have a dramatic influence on crypto traders and the market in India. With the second biggest crypto community in the world based in India, it seems that the country’s recent cryptocurrency boom is about to burn out.

As the Indian government introduced a new, higher tax burden on crypto revenues, trading on cryptocurrency exchanges in the country has decreased.

Unocoin co-founder and chief executive officer, Sathvik Vishwanath, considers that the tax reform is harming the cryptocurrency sector. Those who make less than 10L each year, are subject to a 30% tax on cryptocurrency. The market makers and liquidity providers are affected by 1% TDS.

Aditya Singh, a prominent cryptocurrency influencer, also revealed statistics suggesting a decline in trading activity on Indian platforms earlier this month. That’s why some investors in India created petitions with the request to lower the taxes for crypto trading. 

It is worth noting that the new laws can significantly affect the way the crypto market is going to develop in India. Because of the crypto market crash, the number of investors decreased. Plus, because of these regulations and taxes, it’s most probable that the Indian investors will avoid crypto trading and start to invest their money in other financial markets, to get more benefits and profits. 

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