Technology Brand Colors: Red, Bright, and Blue

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A brand’s color can tell more than you can imagine about a business. The psychology of the colors can help a business person establish trust and familiarity by eliciting the right emotions within its customers. It is no surprise that the most popular brands globally have an influential association with their logos. Their pastel colors tend to reflect their branding even when they do not involve many fronts on them.

It is all due to the power of colors and their ability to increase brand awareness with the desired reaction from the target audience. Studies have found out that a product’s color influences a customer’s purchasing decision from 60 to 80 %; this means that the right choice of color does strengthen the brand association and affects the company’s total sales.

As a brand owner or promoter, it can be beneficial to explore how the psychology of the colors can send the right message to your target consumers and audience. Your brand’s colors should have integrated across your website, landing pages, your logo, and products; it should also get involved in any other collateral that you are creating. Remember, the more vital branding increases, the more impact you would get using the right colors for your business.

Why Does The IT Business Use The Color Blue? 

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If you pay a good amount of attention, you will discover many business numbers that use the color blue and can probably also recognize many of them. It does not matter if the company is B2B or B2C, software, optimization, networking, or security; blue branding comes up repeatedly.

You will see many market leaders like Windows, Cisco, and HP and may have a very impactful influence on the brand choices of smaller businesses who want to follow their footsteps into the business world.

As for IT businesses, using the color blue may be an easy option. Still, there are several other reasons why these businesses are reluctant to drop the color altogether from their brand. The fear of not looking ‘techie’ enough contributes to the topic as a significant factor. The popularity of the color in the industry means it is an instant color to get recognized as a technology brand.

What Is the Use of Bright Colors in the Business World? 

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Many years ago, the world of technology branding was filled with the colors of blue and black, but with the moving of time and many changes in the business sector, new bright colors started to make their way in the branding part of a business.

Many businesses later started to use many bright colors together to form their base of branding. They were using bright colors created with the Apple logo, which had a mixture of different iconic bright rainbow colors to announce innovating thinking. With that till date, the trend of using bright colors to signal something new has not died.

Many popular brands started to use bright colors as their branding strategies, like eBay, Google Doodles, and even Microsoft. But again, there is something familiar between all these companies’ part from using the same strategy; they even used the same bright colors; red, blue, green, and yellow. Here are the reasons one may think why big tech companies like these would use the same bright color;

1. Red

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Red evokes a passionate and visceral response from the people who see it. It is a color that increases your heart rate and makes you breathe a little faster, and it is generally associated with terms like energy, excitement, and passion. It is one of the colors that is the best for attention-grabbing, or it can also get used for terms like provocative and excitable.

2. Blue 

As you know, blue has been the most popular color of choice from the beginning for many tech brands. Therefore, it is easy for people to think of that while branding. Plus, it reminds people of the sky or the ocean. Blue helps you evoke trust, security, and confidence, making it a very fantastic combination for the business that wants these emotions as their message.

3. Yellow 

This color is also a popular choice for many businesses who want to evoke positive feelings in their brand name. Its also associated with the saying, “sun and its different shadows bring out hope and the optimism within a person.” Yellow also stands out the most amongst all the other colors making a yellow brand name more creative and appealing.

4. Green

Green is a color that gives out a feeling of calm, safety, and freshness, and its different shades can also create a unique brand name for a business. Green color tends to be associated with health along with other feelings of peace and serenity.

If the company can use these colors in the correct proportion, they can make a brand identity that is very appealing to the audience, and with time, it can help them generate more and more leads than others.

Why Is Red Incorporated In Tech Companies? 

When a tech business uses red, you need to understand the traits, qualities, and mood of the color in which it is used. To begin with, red is a warm and cheerful color and a very physical color that draws attention to itself and calls for action. If you follow its psychology, red means action, strength, and passion. It stimulates the physical sense to take action.

But with time, the color red lost some of its allure in the branding game. Yet, few well-established businesses stuck with the color even if it had started to lose its position. Companies like Oracle, Texas Instruments have their branding games and logos in red because the color has become a mainstay of financial services for these companies.

Ending Note 

A simple color choice can build your brand’s aesthetic, and it can also bring you closer to your target audience. Therefore use the colors to highlight your brands’ strengths and evoke the right feel for your target audience.

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